Best Weapon Is On Sale This Weekend With Destiny

The day has finally come. Xûr, the exotic weapon and armor salesman in Destiny, is selling Gjallarhorn. For those of you who missed purchasing Ice Breaker from Xûr when it was first More »

Myriad Upgrade Materials With Destiny

I don’t understand Destiny’s success. Or rather, I don’t understand the ferocity of its fans. Perhaps this is simply the curmudgeon in me, the gamer that never quite understood or liked the More »

Destiny Gear and Leveling

The Dreadnaught Ben: What did you think of the Dreadnaught? At first I was a little annoyed that I couldn’t use my sparrow in this new zone, but since the action is More »

The Taken King Hands-On Impressions With Destiny

Bungie opened its doors to us a few weeks back to show off what the team has been busy working on in recent months, and gave us the chance to play not More »

Grimoire Card And Realized What The Universe Is Missing with Destiny

Yesterday, as part of Game Informer’s month-long trickle of Destiny news ahead of the release of The Taken King, they released a video that focused on some of the changes coming to More »


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Destiny Will Nerf Its Hottest Weapons

Last week, Bungie generated some inevitable controversy by finally spelling out their plans for Destiny weapon balancing. It included a few known quantities, Auto Rifles need buffs, PvP dominators like Thorn need nerfs, but the proposed patch goes out of

Xur’s Exotic Goods For Weekend With Destiny

One of the final Exotic pieces from “House of Wolves” is on sale with Xur, Agent of the Nine, in Destiny this weekend. PlayStation and Xbox players who want their Hunters to make even larger booms with their Golden Guns

The Taken King Expansion From Destiny

First and foremost there are new story missions included in The Taken King as well as multiple side missions which reveal the story of the Guardian’s battle to defend the solar system against Oryx and his Taken army. Bungie formally

‘Destiny’ – Hack allows the player to remove another player’s weapon and armour

A Reddit user going by the name DeafSpaceWizardry made a post late last night describing his experience. Following a Rumble match in the Crucible, he received a message from another Guardian suggesting that he shouldn’t use the much-vaunted Thorn hand

Trials of Osiris Is The New Best Thing with Destiny

The agony! The jubilation! The drama and disappointment! I have reached the top of Destiny mountain, and the view is spectacular. It was a pain in the ass getting here, but I guess that was the point. For the first

Bungie’s new community manager helped start and run the Destiny subreddit

Destiny Hunter

Bungie’s new community manager helped start and run the Destiny subreddit. For one Reddit user, a hobby has turned into a full-time job at the developer of Destiny. Bungie has given the moderator of the Destiny subreddit a job as

Everything You Need to Know About the Revamped with Destiny

destiny wallpaper background

It’s the update many players have been calling for from the start

The Taken King Getting Quest and Bounty Overhauls from Destiny

In its Weekly Update this week, developer Bungie detailed the upcoming changes to bounties and quests, revealing a dramatic overhaul to the tasks. First of all, The Taken King’s creative director Luke Smith stated that the studio is making the

‘Destiny’ – After A Weekend With LFG

This weekend there was a perfect storm of events that led me to a situation I rarely find myself in. With no wife around, and no friends in town, I had quite literally nothing to do for two days other

New challenges for the week of July 14 with Destiny

It’s that wonderful time when Bungie’s rotating selection of high-reward activities are rebooted (along with any raid progress made in the previous week), giving everyone a fresh chance at scoring some of the game’s sweetest and rarest loot. Are you