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Myriad Upgrade Materials With Destiny

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Destiny Gear and Leveling

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Grimoire Card And Realized What The Universe Is Missing with Destiny

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The Elder Scrolls Online With The Opportunity To Try For Free ESO Plus

Members of the ESO Plus will receive the Dwarven Crown Crates for each day they sign up for the game (July 5 – July 9).

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for free from ESO Plus on 5-9 July 2017. Just browse the Crown Store and select “Featured” to select ESO Plus Free Trial. The ESO Plus trial will provide access to all DLC (new zones, quests, dungeons, etc.) – Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Shadows of the Hist; Unlimited storage for crafting materials; Double Bank space for your account; Increased gold and experience gained by 10%; more spaces for home Furnishings and Collectibles or the ability of dyeing costumes.

eso event

Those who pay for ESO Plus membership will have the opportunity to collect the Dwarven Crown Crates for each day they log in (5-9 July), which means a chance to win, for example, a mount and other items.

More information about the event can be found at