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Top 3 Things You Need to Know in This Fortnite v6.02 Patch Notes

Fortnite patch v6.02

Epic Games has launched patch 6.02 for Fortnite on Computer, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. The update introduces a funky new Limited-Time Mode centered around dancing plus a effective weapon for Battle Royale, when Save The World gets a unique new weapon too.

Fortnite patch v6.02

This isn’t a massive alter within the grand scheme of things and patch v6.02 gives a lot of new additions for the game, despite not possessing rather the number of adjustments we were expecting. The greatest modifications will be the addition in the new Disco Domination restricted time mode and the new quad rocket launcher weapon.

What are your thoughts on Fortnite update 6.02 right after this patch notes? Are you currently excited for the Quad Launcher? We’ve got compiled three major patch updates, which you need to know!

Fortnite has always had many different game modes on rotation, and whilst they frequently modify things up, few have ever accomplished so as much as Disco Domination. The new mode takes the game’s battle royale foundation, keeps the storm and the loot, and throws just about every thing else out.

Two teams of 50 will drop onto the island and be tasked with making use of emotes on dance floors so as to capture them for their group. The longer you hold a dance floor, the more points it gives your group. This really is generally King with the Hill, but for Fortnite.

Obtaining one rocket shot at you in Fortnite is undesirable adequate, but 4 at the identical time is often a terrifying prospect. Thankfully, ammo should hold usage of this gun quite restricted, but if you’re unlucky sufficient to become facing off against the game’s newest weapon you greater place up a lot of walls amongst you and it. Like the game’s other rocket weapons, this features a fairly higher possibility to possess some difficulties out the gate, so don’t be shocked to find out Epic patch within a tweak or two within the next couple of days.

This can be a pretty detailed transform for any regular patch, but it’s critical for players to know about. A few of Fortnite’s strongest weapons, just like the bolt-action sniper rifle, heavy sniper rifle, grenade launcher and guided missiles among other folks are possessing their drop probabilities changed slightly. While some are becoming lowered and some raised, the net outcome should be slightly much more of these heavy weapons in each match. There are far as well a lot of compact changes to list every single a single right here, but you can verify out the complete patch notes if you’re nonetheless curious concerning the facts.

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