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The Top 5 Players You Will Hate To Play With In NBA 2K18

Year after year, NBA 2K series continually releasing a quality basketball game, it’s a known fact that this series is one of the best basketball video game franchises in history. In a word, speaking of sports video games, almost all players firstly think of NBA 2K series, since it push the whole development of sport video games. In terms of recent NBA 2K18, it received much highly appreciated from fans throughout the world. U4NBA take the responsibility to sell safe and cheap NBA 2K18 MT.

But, many players haven’t been popular with fans. Today, Let’s List The Top 5 Players You Will Hate To Play With In NBA 2K18

Isaiah Thomas

NBA 2K18

This is a selection that almost doesn’t need to be explained. Despite his insane speed and agility, Isaiah Thomas is one of the worst players to use in NBA 2K18. Thomas is rated an 89 in this year’s game, but that overall definitely can’t make up for IT’s small stature, which proves to be a massive disadvantage in 2K.

Eric Gordon

NBA 2K18

Eric Gordon was one of the most surprising players of last season, leading the league in three-pointers made at one stage, and running away with Sixth Man of the Year honors. But Eric Gordon has one of the weirdest shooting forms in the game, releasing the ball at just above chest level, making his threes extremely easy to block for the other team unless he’s wide open.

DeMar DeRozan

NBA 2K18

In fact, DeMar DeRozan is a great player in real lifek, as are all of the players on this list, but DeMar DeRozan is a nightmare to use in 2K if you want to play realistically. Because of his real-life playstyle, DeRozan’s three-point ratings are less than great for a shooting guard, meaning DeMar DeRozan won’t be dropping 3-5 threes a game for you.

Derrick Rose

NBA 2K18

Derrick Rose is always going to be one of the most enjoyable players to use in 2K, solely because of his speed, quick handles, and athleticism, but in NBA 2K18, if you wanted to use Rose just like his prime years in Chicago, you’re going to be in for a shock. 2K have reworked the layup system for NBA 2K18, removing the layup meter, but still requiring the player to time their layups to have success with them.

Carmelo Anthony

NBA 2K18

Instead of being a skilled finisher around the rim, Carmelo Anthony excels on the perimeter with his silky-smooth jumper, but if he’s not pulling up for three or spotting up, you’re going to have a bad time with Melo. Carmelo Anthony is also an avid fan of the mid-range jumper, but thanks to 2K, it is almost impossible to replicate Anthony’s style of play in the game.

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NBA 2K18

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Easy Madden 18 Coins Farming Tips And Tricks

Welcome back to another tips article for Madden NFL 18. In this we will give you some MUT Coins Making Tips which will help you get more coins fast.

The solo challenges also yield a good amount of coins. Devote enough time and effort as there are a lot of solo challenges. You will definitely gain a lot of coins here. You can also get a list of daily tasks in the objective screen in Ultimate Team. ‘’Win A Game’ or ‘Complete A Set’ most commonly appear everyday. These two objectives yield a high number of coins as well. The daily tasks reset each day at 5 AM ET and gives a pack containing a quicksell item worth up to 50,000 coins.


You will earn MUT coins after tackling and completing objectives in Ultimate Team. Those coins can be turned in for new items and card packs, whether via the store or through the auction house. You can also use points, obtained with real cash, to buy new card packs and items. Some packs can only be purchased with points, which is frustrating, but you can still assemble a quality team without them.

You can also try to auction off characters. You can sell some of your Silvers, Golds or even Elites you do not use to get a good amount of MUT coins. But this is not recommended as players are building up their rosters quickly and you dont want to be left behind. You never know which character you may need.

You can get incredible deals at the auction house, or get completely ripped off. Like any auction house game mechanic, the key to success here is discipline: Don’t chase after the players you want, make smart bids, and walk away the price gets too high. You won’t get every player you want, and progress might come more slowly, but you’ll be using your hard-earned coins well.

Hope this article would help you to earn Madden 18 Coins easy. If you want more updates, please keep eyes on which is the most reliable online game store to offer amounts of cheap Madden 18 coins online.

FFXIV Dad Of Light Manages To Be An Earnestly Sweet Show

In Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light, it mainly introduce a father and a son, the son desperately trying to grow closer to a parent. The son in the game was called Akio, Akio too is more friendly and open in this virtual setting like his father is. By playing the game, is probably the only way to get close his father, he wants to share the world he loves with him. For additional information you can check out more here.

Final Fantasy XIV

Akio has a bustling social life. He has friends of all sorts, buddies who are willing to help him mend his relationship with his father. They’re all anonymous, of course, but they’re real human beings from all around that care all the same. Yet Akio has a secretive plan tied to it. In the game as his anonymous avatar Maidy, he befriends his father’s in-game character. He doesn’t know anything about baseball, or women, or anything really. Much like his father, he’s relatively clueless.

Akio is your typical salaryman in Japan. He works as a sales representative, but he’s far more shy than most of his colleagues. One of friendliness, one of newfound excitement to explore the world and overcome challenges. Dad of Light manages to be an earnestly sweet show, proudly displaying the bonds we grow not only with video games, but within them too. Especially MMOs, can feel so freeing for players, as seen for both the father and son in Dad of Light.

Akio has a personal quest he formed alongside his in-game comrades: they will accompany his father through the game, culminating in beating the game’s hardest boss and Akio then revealing his identity. Through the game, he hopes to forge a bond with the father he never really knew. Akio was an eccentric, lively character, emoting flexes and excitedly introducing himself. Players are crazy about buying FFXIV Power Leveling from FFXIV4GIL.