The Hot Discussed Topic In Albion Online – Business Model

The business model of Albion Online gets asked often in the official community. Today, we will discuss about the hot topic.

Truth be told, Albion Online’s business model is buy to play not pay to win. Albion Online’s business model is inspired by Eve Online’s Plex system, which has been working well for years and is generally not considered to be pay-to-win.


Buy To Play

  • There is a premium status that can be bought for in-game currency, silver.
  • The premium status allows players to progress faster. It does not give any benefits to combat power.
  • There is a premium currency, gold, that can be used to buy vanity-only items or as an alternative to buy the premium status.

Player Driven Gold/Silver Market

  • Players can trade gold with each other in return for silver.
  • There is no direct way to convert gold to silver apart from player to player trading.
  • The gold/silver exchange rate depends purely on the player driven market. In particular, if too much gold is bought by players, the in-game value of gold will drop.

Gear System

  • Items in Albion Online are player crafted or dropped by mobs.
  • There are no “cash shop” items with the exception of vanity items.
  • If you kill somebody in full PvP zones, you can loot their items.
  • The gear power curve is very flat, and the risk/reward ratio becomes worse for using higher end gear, as it is very hard to replace when lost. This significantly reduces the power gap between normal and harcore players.

How It Works

The cost of silver to purchase premium time is directly proportional to the going rate of gold. You are, in essence, buying gold and immediately spending it on Premium game time. As the cost of gold rises, so too does the cost of premium in silver. As the cost of gold declines, so too does the cost of premium in silver. What stays static is that gold is always spent at the same rate to get premium time.

This silver costs rises and falls with the going rate of gold on the gold exchange. As people spend gold for premium time, the amount of gold for trading diminishes and it becomes rarer and more valuable on the exchange. When people purchase gold with real money, they can then put gold back into the gold exchange, making more in-game money due to the high costs. As more people do this, prices tend to go down in turn, until the process fluctuates again or levels out.

It’s difficult to expalin whether Albion Online is pay to win while different people use different definitions of the term pay to win.

Not Pay To Win

  • There are no cash shop items apart from vanity.
  • The premium status can be bought with in-game currency.
  • The premium status is akin to soft subscription that you are essentially expected to have if you want to play the game regularly. The main difference to classical subscription games is that you can still play even if you are not subscribed, and use that to get enough silver to get back your premium subscription.
  • The gold/silver market is purely player to player, there is no direct way to convert gold into silver, and even if you could, most items that you could buy with it would be fully player made.
  • If you buy gear from other players, the fact that the gear power curve is flat and that gear can be looted when you die in full PvP zones means that if you are not careful, other players might see you as a walking loot bag as opposed to a feared enemy.

The biggest thing to neutralize this from being a truly pay-to-win game is the fact that it is full loot. If someone wants to drop hundreds of $ to buy top gear, they risk losing it when they die and get looted.

Highly Specialized Flailing Knight Grasp Overall Situation On Albion Online Battlefield

The outcome of battles in Albion Online depends on many factors in the open world. But in some special situations, a single engage or counter can change the flow of the entire battle when both groups are just staring at each other from a distance. To create opportunity for their team, players are eager to create highly specialized builds.

Albion Online player, Lugzi shared a powerful creation of his Flailing Knight build. “Being a tank helps me to get a great overview and a good grasp of the overall situation on the battlefield and allows me not only to call shots but to set the tempo of the fight by myself as well.”


This special creation of Flailing Knight is a build around that positioning that would be effective against all kinds of enemies, including groups of experienced veterans as well. Combining that huge health pool with the build’s crowd control and defensive abilities does not only allows it to dive deep into the enemies’ raid but to come back out alive as well.

Due to the Flailing Knight won’t deal damage on its own usually, you rely heavily on your team’s ability to capitalize on your engages. You will need area-of-effect damage dealers in your back that start roasting your opponents the moment you have caught them. Combining your area crowd control with their area damage allows you to wipe out entire groups in a single and decisive strike.


Weapon of Choice: Flail

Defensive Slam – Deals physical damage to an enemy, while increasing Armor and Magic Resist for you and your allies in a 4 meter radius around you for a few seconds. Can affect up to 5 allies. Always use Defensive Slam to increase your total damage mitigation and keep in mind that, thanks to your flail’s life leech, you can heal yourself. Even if it is just a little, it will help you stay alive longer.


Pull Area (Tier 5+) – After a short delay, Pull Area pulls all enemies in a 7 meter radius around you towards your position and creates additional threat on enemies hit. In combination with Delayed Teleport and the bigger area of effect from Pull Area, you can catch a lot of your opponents in a single sweep, however, the more enemies you pull and root, the more damage you will receive once they realized what happened to them!

Root Prison – Roots you and your enemies around you for a few seconds while rendering you immune to hostile crowd control effects. After the channel ends, enemies will stay rooted for a short amount of time. The channeling also creates threat on creatures hit. Root Prison is one of the strongest area crowd control abilities in Albion and gives your team enough time to follow up on your engage.

Passive: Life Leech – Every normal hit restores some health.

For your main combo you chain Delayed Teleport together with Pull Area and Root Prison. Directly after you have used Delayed Teleport, start casting Pull Area. This way your enemies have little to no time to react to your sudden appearance. Once you have pulled together your opponents, use Root Prison to bind them in place for your team to follow up on your engage.


Helmet: Soldier Helmet

Block (Tier 4+) – You become immune to all enemy spells for a few seconds. You can keep moving during the block, but you cannot attack or use other abilities. Block is your personal life saver as it allows you to get out of any dangerous situation and back into your own party after you have finished your combo. Block can also be used to get through enemies’ wind- or firewalls or hostile crowd control effects.


Passive: Toughness – Reduces incoming damage.

Don’t use Block directly after you have used Delayed Teleport. You have a lot of health and damage mitigation. Constantly assess the situation, your position, and your enemies and wait as long as possible before using Block.

Chest: Knight Armor

Wind Wall – Conjures a Wind Wall in front of you for a few seconds, which knocks back all enemies hit by it. After Root Prison, you have to make a choice on how to use Wind Wall. If your team was able to follow your engage and your damage dealers are in position, use Wind Wall to push your enemies in the direction of your team. In case your opponents countered your engage or your team wasn’t able to close the deal, use Wind Wall to save yourself and your team by pushing the enemy away.

Passive: Toughness – Reduces incoming damage.

Wind Wall is a versatile and powerful ability and can be used in both defensive and offensive plays. Blocking off a certain choke point, preventing your enemies from engaging your own party, or pushing the enemy into your damage dealers after you have engaged them are just a few basic examples of what you can do with it.

Boots: Mage Sandals

Delayed Teleport – Choose a ground target within 15 meters. One second after activation, you will be teleported to the desired position. Your cast or channel will not be interrupted by the teleport. However, it is not possible to teleport through obstacles. While Delayed Teleport is your main combo opener, the cooldown is much shorter than the rest of your abilities so don’t hesitate to use it as often as possible.

Passive: Efficiency (Tier 6+) – Reduces all energy costs.

Food and Potions

Omelette – Improves your casting speed and cooldown reduction. While Stew is another option for this build, the cooldown reduction on your crowd control, your defensive abilities, and your Delayed Teleport is much stronger than a mere health increase. A single good timed teleport or Block can prevent by far more damage.

Healing Potion – Regenerates a percentage of your total health over time. With your huge damage mitigation in combination with the Focus Fire debuff, you will receive a lot of effective health back by using Healing Potions. This will help to survive on your own until you’re back in range of your healers.

Have you created a more effective way to engage enemy zergs or a better option to build a powerful Flailing Knight in Albion Online? Tell us and stay tuned at for more building tips and tricks.

Albion Online Will Receive Reformulation In Hellgates

The Hellgates system for “Albion Online,” the MMORPG sandbox, is undergoing changes to provide fairer battles for participating groups, Sandbox Interactive announced.

The main objective of Sandbox Interactive is to avoid unfair advantages as it currently occurs, for example, the possibility of attracting monsters to fight in PvP causing a disadvantage to the enemy group. According to the producer, these flaws can not be corrected with minor patches, and therefore the team decided to completely reformulate the Hellgates.


Among the main changes we can mention that the map of the Hellgastes will be completely reformulated and will have the form of a pentagram. Each corner of the pentagram will be connected by a circular path, representing a potential entrance portal to the hellgate. With the groups being randomly selected, it is impossible to know where the enemy group will leave. Also, when entering the map the groups will receive a protective bubble and will not be able to leave the portal through the entrance for a certain period of time.

Hellgates will also receive weaker monsters to reduce PvE, and players will not have to worry about the monsters being brought into PvP battles. There will be three types of hellgates, Ashen Hellgate, Ignited Hellgate and Infernal Hellgate. To see all the details of the changes, visit the official website of the game.

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Albion New Gatherer Equipment Will Be Ready To Unveiled

Some new gatherer equipment will be ready to unveiled by the albion online team, for those equipments, it will brings high value for gamers whose are gradually picking up resources to create new items. Specific gear is available for miners, quarriers, harvesters, skinners as well as lumberjacks that will provide significant bonuses when equipped during resource collection. However, a large number of gamers is now working on buying cheap albion online gold.


If you are eager to get gear, firstly, you must unlock it through the respective gatherer line on the destiny board. Once that’s achieved, the items need to be crafted by Toolmakers. And then it’s off to reap the rewards of the Gatherer Equipment. So whether you want to get fiber, wood, ore, stone or animal hide.

The crafting is fun enough, gamers can try any ways to get more loot, albion team also has plans to touch on a number of areas including guild quality of life, performance improvements, a reworked tutorial system, UI improvements and much more. Read more at:

Albion Online is set for launch on July 17th, at the same time, Galahad update was launched, along with a brand new layout. Significant updates will be applied to item drops and the in-game economy as well as improvements made to Hell Gates to create picture perfect PvP moments.

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Haus Stark & Albion: The Journey Is The Reward

In this week, there is a guild spotlight that it’s full of German-speaking gamers. Haus Stark has their hands full defending their home in Greytop Pound. Now, let’s discuss about their current situation in the black zone, what’s more, the guild’s future plans is updated, and it’s worth mentioning that it actually means to be a member of Haus Stark.


The Journey is the Reward
Haus Stark is keep closer contacting with other German-speaking community. In November 2015, the guild was created. Ever since, the guild have managed to make their name as a German-speaking community. However, with the start of Galahad, Haus Stark has been trying to exlpore the black zones of Cumbria. Unlike other guilds, this guild pay more attention to their own progression in skill, knowledge and much more.


Collective Consciousness
In order to meet the needs of every member, the guild has managed to evolve based on the member’s idea. Eventually, Haus Stark came to a conclusion: You cannot please everybody all the time. Haus Stark began change, meanwhile, their goal is changed as well, and it focus much on progression. It’s glad to know that Everybody in Haus Stark has now working on making better, they are trying to achieve common goal rather than their own needs, It’s seems to that everyone belongs to the guild as the members of Haus Stark are the guild.

There is no denying that this change in mentality is quite effective, and this guild focusing on their resources and manpower where they are needed the most. Compared to their current enemies, even if the guild’s total resource value is less, and they can be allowed to use only 10% to 20%. But, Haus Stark has much potential.

Fighting the Crimson Tide
As a new gamer in the Outlands, when Haus Stark is faced with Russian guild Red Army, sround their new home, and it was overwhelmed by the harsh competition. Due to enemies have unpredictable tactics,numbers and resources, hence, they were forced the guild to spend more time on starting the game. Thankfully, with the help of new alliance we are as well as some dedicated members, Haus Stark managed to defend against the relentless attacks of Red Army.

Nowadays, Haus Stark still fights the Russian guild in GvGs on a regular basis and they are excited for the conflict at hand. Aside from being busy defending their territory against the forces of Red Army, Haus Stark also finds time to fight the ENVY and TY alliances in open world skirmishes.

Anyway, the main goal of House Stark is to hold and manage their home in Cumbria but they also plan to take back what they have lost to Red Army. More updates, let’s expect more latest news:

Albion Online Currency Efficiency Guide

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Galahad Changes: Guild Quality Of Life Changes And Open World GvG

Galahad brings a brand new world layout, and any aspect was changed, more details and you can keep a close eye on, here are latest news and guides.


Improving the Value of Watchtower Territories and providing open world GvG
Albion Online developers are considering to implement post-release is to replace watchtower territories with something much more meaningful. These territories would not be protected by an energy barrier, nonetheless, it would be protected by guards belonging to the guild who owns the territory, and which contains a large concentration of resources. The resource nodes inside the territory however will follow their own spawn logic, such that we can also have special spawn events at specific times where.

This, in turn, provides an incentive for other guilds to raid the territories, killing the guards and mining the resources before the owning guilds gets a chance to do it, providing a constant stream of open world GvG opportunities. Of course, actually conquering the territory – and thus getting access to the chest and control of the guards – will still be done in a 5v5 GvG fight.

Guild Quality Of Life Changes
tiered guild wallet
improved guild message of the day feature
transactions logs and asset overview banks
more detailed activity logs on guild members
banks with configurable tabs, and a guild bank
customizable guild rights and role management
support for internal guild currency. Award “guild coins” to your members based on their contribution to the guild, and set up a reward store using these guild coins.
crafting orders (place an order at the crafter building and leave the ingredients there, possibly set a reward. Crafter can come by later, craft the item for you, and you pick it up later)

Lots of Balancing, Polishing, Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements
Albion Online is getting close to released, according to the the developers of Albion point out that they will pay more attention to these aspect, and of course, including the following further balancing of the destiny board as well as progression speed as well as combat/item balancing. Now that gamers are considering about how to get cheap albion online gold in advance.

Albion Safe And Risky Zones: Higher Tier Has More Resources

Albion Online map was divided into distinct different zones, to name a few, black, red, green, yellow, each color signifying the level of PvP allowed within that area. Green zones are completely safe, Yellow has limited PvP, anyone can fight anyone within the Red and Black zones, and any player can loot the gear, items and mounts from anyone they kill within these two zones.


Even if Tier II as well as III resources are common in the green and yellow zones, nonetheless, gamers must be faced with risk from red as well as black zones, in black, higher tier resources is likely to be more sufficient, however, your haul might be in a serious danger, since any passing have the opportunity to kill you, and then take all your gear and resources.

PVP is a major focus, and in the Red and Black zones, one should always be aware that a hostile could be be just off screen. However, it is possible to enjoy the game with minimal PVP action, as Albion provides plenty of ways to earn a decent living without constantly battling other players. More easily ways to get cheap albion online gold in u4gm, u4gm can meet your any needs.

Albion Online will officially launch on July 17, 2017. The biggest content update thus far, called “Galahad” was launched final beta on March 13, bringing with it a wipe, implementing new content and improvements. More Albion Online latest release progress, you can be found more here: