Best Weapon Is On Sale This Weekend With Destiny

The day has finally come. Xûr, the exotic weapon and armor salesman in Destiny, is selling Gjallarhorn. For those of you who missed purchasing Ice Breaker from Xûr when it was first on sale—you know, back when strange coins were still strange and not slowly accumulating into the hundreds in your vault—try not to miss the boat on this one.

For 17 strange coins you’ll have the opportunity to buy at least several to make up for its absence from your inventory–and Crota hard-mode runs–for the past few months. Unless you already had one, then continue in your apathy.

Now while this may appear to come as literally the best thing ever, we should reserve that feeling of extraordinary bliss. In the Update Preview released by Bungie on July 16, they stated the intention to nerf Gjallarhorn’s Wolfpack Rounds. So for those of us who never had it, at least we’ll get one that’s not as good.

The reason for nerfing it? Apparently everyone was using it and “was so strong that for many people it had become the only answer to getting through tough encounters.” Who knew?

Additionally citing that they “strive for Destiny to be a place where a single weapon or strategy does not dictate how, or with whom, you spend your time.” (Maybe if DLCs—okay, every level in the game—weren’t just the same maps run in reverse I’d be inclined to agree with that assessment.)

So at least now while you’re waiting on your 8-second Ice Breaker cool downs (also to be in the new patch), now you have some time to admire the five Gjallarhorns in your inventory you just bought.

The Taken King Hands-On Impressions With Destiny

Bungie opened its doors to us a few weeks back to show off what the team has been busy working on in recent months, and gave us the chance to play not just a few select missions, but the full scope of what’s on offer in The Taken King. We have a wealth of in-depth details in our monthly magazine cover story, but we decided it was worth sharing more about our own personal experience playing through the content, along with some choice tidbits that we couldn’t squeeze into our 14-page cover story.

Ben Reeves and I each played a great deal of the content solo, and also teamed up for everything from Crucible matches to strikes. We sat down recently to discuss our takeaways from our time with the game. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.

First Impressions

Matt: Ben, we had a pretty cool opportunity a few weeks ago when we visited Bungie. They  pulled back the curtain and let us play through as much of the expansion as we could, and share what we discovered with our fellow fans. Were you surprised about how much we got to experience?

Ben: I was blown away with how much they let us play the game. We sometimes get to play games on cover trips, but rarely to this extent. We spent a whole day getting hands-on time followed by a full day of interviews, which really helped me appreciate Bungie’s new approach to design. The game and story feel much more integrated and each area feels new and different. I think this is probably the best Destiny content to date. Would you agree?

Matt: Yeah, I’d agree with your points, both about their openness and how good the game is. It was awesome that Bungie was open to us exploring so much. I think it speaks to their confidence in this being a really stellar step forward for the franchise. For fellow fans and readers out there, it’s worth noting that Bungie showed us a work-in-progress version of the game. We’re going to talk about a lot of stuff today, and we’ve had a lot of interesting articles already appear in our game hub. But it won’t surprise me if some of what we saw is different in its final incarnation. With that said, the core experience is really solid.

So, amidst all we got to play on that day – any favorite things stand out?

Ben: Well, like I said, the story isn’t embarrassingly bare this time around. It’s an actual story, for one. And the game remains a blast to play with friends. I love the grind to collect new gear and weapons, and that push to 40 will really give me a lot of reason to start playing again. Collecting gear remains one of the main reasons to play the game, in my opinion. And now there are even more things to equip.

Matt: Yep. No doubt. There are so many new weapons. I think they’ve said that there are more guns in The Taken King than were present in the base game’s launch.

This is the first time they’ve really reset the weapon and armor economy. We were getting new green weapons that out-powered our best raid gear from Year One, even after the first mission. I also really like that the game seems to pay closer attention to what you would want. Creative director Luke Smith told me that the loot backend pays attention to what you need for a meaningful improvement, it offers variety in armor or weapon type from what you’ve recently gotten, and also tries to avoid repeating the same gear, although he admits that you’re not always going to get exactly what you want on every drop, which is good, because that would eventually get boring.

Ben: In terms of gameplay moments, one of my biggest highlights during my solo time was the mission to collect my new subclass. My primary is a Warlock, and the new Stormcaller class is a lot of fun to use. You’re basically throwing chain lightning, which allows you to turn large groups of enemies into ash very quickly. The mission to unlock that class basically lets you go all out with the ability to get a feel for how it works, which was very empowering.

Matt: I played around with all three of my guardians, but I spent the most time with my Titan. And I fell in love with that flaming hammer pretty fast. As you said, there’s a potent power fantasy at the end of those missions where they give you your super on an extremely fast recharge, and you go to town on whole squads of enemies. On the surface, it’s super fun wrecking so many enemies so fast. But under the hood, it’s a way for the designers to get you familiar with the super and its use very quickly, and then set you loose on the world. It’s a great idea.


Matt: You mentioned story before, which I don’t want to gloss over. It’s not as if they’re changing everything about their fiction or anything. It’s just that the new storytelling feels much more cohesive. Characters engage in more conversations, rather than everything being a declarative sentence without any context.

Ben: Agreed. The basic plot is simple: Crota’s father has returned to seek vengeance on the guardian that murdered his son (that’s you). You’re basically fighting a space devil, but I think the simplicity of the story makes it easier to follow what’s going on. I also loved how the story allows for some of the characters in the tower to interact more. It was nice to see Eris and Cayde better display their personality in these moments. It makes the Tower feel a little more alive and worth visiting.

Matt: I completely agree. Within the framework of that simple story, they can then stretch their wings as storytellers, and play with both the inherent zaniness of ideas (expressed through Cayde), but also the melodrama inherent to the setting, with characters like Zavala and Eris. I also enjoy how much The Taken King makes me feel like I’m the tip of the spear, so to speak. It’s something they experimented with in the base game, but it’s so much more powerfully expressed here. This story really casts your guardian as the true hero who breached the Vault of Glass, and brought down Crota. When the Vanguard needs someone to face Oryx, you are their first choice. I love that when you go to the Dreadnaught, you’re the one planting the patrol beacons for the guardians who will come after you.

Destiny received hotfix update

PlayStation and Xbox owners can now obtain the Husk of the Pit once again, find a changed rotation of PVP maps, and get ready for the Nepal Aid rewards and other upcoming changes.

The Husk of the Pit suddenly dropped stopping in Destiny around the time that House of Wolves came out. This prevented many players from being able to initiate and complete the Necrochasm upgrade quest.

You may point out that the Exotic Necrochasm Auto Rifle wasn’t that hot of a weapon to begin with, and you’d be right. The amount of effort it took to obtain compared to its power was disappointing. However, the 2.0 update is buffing Auto Rifles in general and the Necrochasm in particular. That should hopefully make it a more appealing weapon.

The Nepal Aid rewards should be obtainable soon following the release of the Destiny 1.2.05 update. The shader and emblem have been added to the game now, and all that remains is the emails from Bungie containing the redemption code for those that purchased the Nepal Aid items from the Bungie Store following the devastating earthquake that struck the country.

Crucible multiplayer is receiving some tweaks, as well. Some of the maps in rotation for House of Wolves Control and Clash playlists are receiving a lower weight to lessen their chance of appearing repeatedly in the playlists. Meanwhile, the Inferno and Doubles playlists have been given different Heavy and Special Weapon ammo crate spawn rules from other playlists.

We also get our first peek at one of the Destiny Tower changes coming with The Taken King. A kiosk has been added near Eva Levante to replace Tess Everis. Tess is leaving the Tower only temporarily, though. It sounds like Bungie may have a job promotion in store for the special items merchant voiced by Claudia Black.

You can check out the full Destiny hotfix update notes below.


  • Fixed an issue where “Packing Heat” achievement/trophy could not be unlocked by newly acquired Exotic weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Husk of the Pit drops were disabled
  • Drop rates for the Husk of the Pit from Blades of Crota have been increased by 150%


  • Updated the House of Wolves Control playlist to include the following maps with a lower weight in the rotation:
  • Rusted Lands, Shores of Time, Pantheon, Exodus Blue (Sony)
  • Updated the House of Wolves Clash playlist to include the following maps with a lower weight in the rotation:
  • Firebase Delphi, Twilight Gap, Blind Watch, Exodus Blue (Sony)
  • Inferno and Doubles playlists now have different tuning values for ammo crates
  • Special Ammo initial spawn time and respawn intervals have been changed to 180 seconds
  • Max of three Special Ammo crates will now be placed at one time
  • Heavy Ammo crates now spawn only once per match at 300 seconds


  • Tess Everis is temporarily leaving the Tower
  • A Kiosk terminal can be found near Eva Levante in North Tower that contains Tess’ old inventory of special order items
  • The Nepal Aid shader and emblem have been added to the game
  • Redemption codes will soon be sent to the email used to place orders in the Bungie Store
  • These items will be found at the kiosk mentioned above


  • Fixed a potential crash when closing the vendor screen
  • Fixed a very rare case where an account could blocked by a WEASEL error on sign on
  • Fixed issues with suspend/resume handling on Xbox One

Bones Of Eao, Eternal Warrior And More From Destiny

Each week, Xur turns up wherever he feels like it in Destiny, if he feels like it at all. But when he does show up, it’s likely he’s going to have some pretty nice items for sale, as long as you can find him. Every week, Destiny players flock to him to throw their strange coins at him to get the latest exotic gear. Destiny power leveling make you get it.

This week, Xur is near near the Speaker, on the balcony overlooking the city, and he’s got the first ever sale of something all Destiny players drool over: The Bones of Eao exotic hunting boots. With a whopping 357 defense, the Bones of Eao allow players to add an additional jump to the Double Jump skill, but wait there’s more: players using the Gunslingers’ Triple Jump get a fourth jump when sporting these shoes. Not bad for 13 Strange Coins.

Xur also offers The Last Word hand cannon along with the Eternal Warrior helmet. However, if you’re playing a Voidwalker, Xur can sell you the Voidfang Vestments, the only chest armor designed specifically for Voidwalkers.

If you’re looking for upgrades, though, you’re out of luck this week: Xur doesn’t have any. However, he does offer some additional items, including Exotic Shard, Plasma Drive, Auto Telemetry, Scout Rifle Telemetry, Hand Cannon Telemetry, Heavy Ammo Synthesis and Mote of Light.

Exotic Gear:

  • The Last Word (exotic hand cannon) – 23 Strange Coins
  • Eternal Warrior (exotic Titan helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Bones of Eao (exotic hunter boots) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Voidfang Vestments (exotic Warlock chest armor) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Exotic Engram (exotic chest engram) – 23 Motes of Light

Xur showed up this morning and will remain in his current location until Sunday morning. Visit him now while you can, because once he’s gone, he’ll be gone until the next week (unless, of course, he decides to take a week off).

“Destiny: The Taken King,” coming September 15

Destiny: The Taken King,” coming September 15, promises to be bigger than the previous two expansions combined. And in many ways, it’s an entirely new game. Destiny power leveling make it easy.

With an overhaul of the existing experience plus a wealth of new quests, missions, activities, weapons and gear, “The Taken King” aims to satisfy the current”Destiny” fan base while also attracting new players and anyone who may have previously left the game dissatisfied.

On Tuesday, Game Informer dumped a ton of information about “Destiny: The Taken King” in a cover story for its print magazine. And now we finally have some information about new “exotic” weapons and armor, which are easily the best, rarest, and most sought-after items in the game.

For those unfamiliar with “Destiny,” exotic weapons and armor are uniquely designed and come with defining bonuses (“perks”) that make them different from every other item in the game. Exotic weapons and armor are also extremely hard to come by, and they often require a lengthy quest or an endgame activity just to have a chance to randomly drop. Put simply: they often require a large investment of time to even have the potential to find them, and even then it’s not a guarantee.

Game Informer’s Matt Miller said he saw references to “over a dozen” new exotic weapons, and “around a half dozen new armor pieces for each class” (there are three classes to choose from: hunter, warlock, and titan). So based on Miller’s estimates, it sounds like there could be over 30 new exotics in “Destiny: The Taken King” – a 50 percent uptick in available exotics. That’s huge!

Miller describes some of the exotic weapons he was able to check out during his two-day stint at Bungie, the studio behind “Destiny”:

One awesome auto rifle shoots blasts of chain lightning. A sniper rifle I saw blinds nearby enemies on a precision hit. One of my personal favorites is an intriguing new Pulse Rifle called No Time To Explain that answers the desire for a high-level version of the Stranger’s Rifle: nailing precision hits with the arc weapon refuels bullets directly to the magazine.

Game Informer also shed light on how you’ll get some of these exotic weapons: In one case, you’ll visit the fortress-like Dreadnaught, a massive floating ship piloted by Oryx, the main boss in “The Taken King,” collecting artifacts to build the weapon and also flesh out its backstory in the process.

There’s also a new exotic heavy weapon called the Sleeper Simulant, which is basically a portable rail cannon that charges up shots that blast through enemy shields and bounce off the walls. The design of the weapon itself, which you’ll need to visit Game Informer to see, is also unlike any weapon you’ve seen before in “Destiny.”

Exciting peek at ‘The Taken King’ from Destiny

The Halo creator’s latest epic adventure finally touched down last September, and it’s set to grow exponentially just over a year later with the release of The Taken King next month.This new trailer skips the deep-dive details in favor of a more atmospheric, story-driven peek at what’s to come.

In The Taken King, the god of a race of space-demons is out for revenge, transforming the solar system we know into a hellscape teeming with mutated alien killers. Sounds lovely.

Give Year Two update ahead of Taken King reveal from Destiny

DESTINY players face a new hunt from Bungie who have also revealed more on the Year Two update ahead of The Taken King extravaganza at Gamescom.

Having given fans their first official peek at the Dreadnaught, the studio revealed that a Taken War is set to unravel to push the overall storyline further on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms.

Breaking down the theme of what exploring the massive spaceship would feel like, Bungie in their latest blog post confessed that they wanted to build  a dark and mysterious space for gamers to meet the game’s newest foe, Oryx.

The developers have promised that new Bounties, Patrol Missions, and Public Events both large and small—some of which you can even instigate yourself will be discovered in its vast caverns, although players will need to put in the time to find all its best loot.

“The Dreadnaught has its secrets—you’ll need to return again and again to solve them all and acquire the rewards we created for doing so,”Designer Ben Wommack explained. “There are hidden treasures and bosses waiting to be found, and it won’t be apparent how to access them the first time you go exploring.

“We’ve laid out a lot of breadcrumb trails though, as you fight your way through the ship. So follow the clues you’re given, face the challenges you can find, and earn that sweet loot!” Bungie also went as far as describing how the latest expansion will help shape what is to come in Destiny: Year Two.

“As well as being a focal point for the story campaign in The Taken King, the Dreadnaught will also be a centrepiece of The Taken War, a progression that extends well beyond the traditional storyline,” community manager David Dague revealed.

“It will also provide new ground to explore and Patrol. In that regard, like The Taken King itself, it represents a big leap forward.

“Many other Hive abominations are waiting for you on board the Dreadnaught. Oryx has built an army for them to lead, bristling with combatants that were taken from our world, twisted by the Darkness, and sent back to prevent you from looting their fortress.”

Bungie also announced they would launching a hunt of those gamers guilty of cheating in the Crucible and restrict access to it for the worst offenders.

“We started with a look at the most notorious cheaters that had been reported by other players,” Dague added.

“After a cross-reference against our own player-data, we gave the Banhammer a mighty swing. Contained in its blast radius were hundreds of people who have manipulated network traffic. If you don’t know what that means, we love you. Never change.

Bungie say they will be revealing more on the Taken King at Gamescom next week, which could see more of the Dreadnaught opened up to curious fans.

‘Destiny’ – Cheaters Given A Smacking This Week

Destiny developer Bungie has brought down the ban hammer.

Destiny PvP modes Crucible, Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris are good fun, but have their share of problems. Most prominent of these is lag, and more specifically, lag switching – a form of cheating which is very frustrating for innocent players on the receiving end of teleporting, invulnerable shottie-wielders.

In the latest Bungie Weekly Update, the developer said it has taken action against such cheaters.

“Yesterday and today, our Security Response Team has restricted access to the Crucible by the worst offenders among us all,” Bungie said.

“We started with a look at the most notorious cheaters that had been reported by other players. After a cross-reference against our own player-data, we gave the

Banhammer a mighty swing.

“Contained in its blast radius were hundreds of people who have manipulated network traffic. If you don’t know what that means, we love you. Never change.”

Bungie asked players to keep using the reporting tools to dob in cheaters.

“Shaming your offenders in a video might feel good, but it doesn’t factor into our process for passing down a guilty verdict – and it might get you in trouble with the moderators of your favorite Guardian clubhouse,” Bungie said.

This wek’s update also gave us a sneak preview of the new Dreadnaught destination coming with The Taken King, which includes all-new Destiny Bounties, Patrol Missions and Public Events.

Destiny: Armour building foundations for head-scratchers

What to do when not all armour pieces are the same, not even the same ones? It’s time to sort this whole business of balancing bonus attributes and cherry-picking the best perks.

First of all, here’s a recap for those of us that do know and a primer for those you that still do not: when it comes to armour drops, and items sold by Xur, their attributes and in many cases perks vary enough to be of significance. Destiny power leveling make upgrade more easy. You may have received ‘a’ helm from defeating Crota, but this may not be ‘the’ helm with the perk you’re longing for unless you smashed him on Hard. You may own the exotic bucket Knucklehead Radar, but wait before ditching it because the newer one could boost your Strength stats by a further 35 points or more. It could also be less. But at least you checked.

Armour building foundations for head-scratchers

Now, a disclaimer. We are not in possession of a list that details every single armour permutation in Destiny. We can, however, assume from our own experience that there are six basic variations for pieces obtained from RNG drops such as raid checkpoints and strikes.

These are: 100% Strength, Discipline or Intellect; Strength + Discipline/Intellect; and Discipline + Intellect.

Depending on your play style, the benefits of stacking each attribute will be more or less relevant. These also impact the usefulness of many character subclass set-ups, such as grenade-oriented perks paired with higher Discipline values. This, in itself, is enough to worry about.

In addition, however, Destiny armour can have perks similar to the rolls affecting weapon performance. A quick glance might show negligible difference between performance attributes to the piece you already own, but on Rare and Legendary gear some perks may be more to your liking.

For example, our equipped Warlock’s Kellbreaker’s Gloves generate Orbs when killing Fallen with precision hits. Even though the Strength rating is higher on the spares we recently acquired, they generate Orbs after killing Fallen with melee attacks. This isn’t helpful for Intellect/Discipline oriented set-ups.

It’s not just play-style up for consideration either, but weapon ammo too. We own a pair of Titan Willbreaker’s Resolve chest pieces that are frankly frustrating because the 100% Discipline option boosts ammo for Auto Rifles and Shotgun, while the more balanced Discipline/Strength alternative carries more for Hand Cannon and Fusion Rifles. We’d keep both because Abyss Defiant and Swordbreaker are great tools for the later stages of CE, while Fatebringer or Vex are so useful earlier on in the Raid.

However, as every Destiny player knows, there’s no room for such luxury. Like, literally. There aren’t enough armour slots to carry all this stuff around.

A taste of the exotic

By accident or (let’s give the benefit of the doubt) design, Bungie has engineered a situation in Destiny whereby Vault space alone is starting to limit your wardrobe. Anyone running three high-level Guardians will be uncomfortably familiar with this state of affairs – there’s simply not enough room to hold onto every armour piece that comes your way.

So what will you keep? And why?

Raid armour for the Vault of Glass only varies across ammo perks, plus the type and potency of any Strength/Discipline/Intellect attributes. It’s straightforward to assemble kit with attributes balanced in your favour. The age-old torment with the Vault is that you’ll only acquire the helmet after killing Atheon on hard. It doesn’t drop often, and you can be waiting forever to get the ideal example. Our advice is to keep everything other than the helm as balanced as possible, since an exotic lid is more than likely going to be the main option regardless.

Optimizing armour from Crota’s End is more of a grind, particularly while hoping for the Infusion helmet perk that replenishes health each time you pick up an Orb of Light.

Also, you’ll be wanting Hive Striker or Breaker on gloves creating Orbs of Light upon killing Hive with melee or critical hits. For this reason, your attributes may not be ideally balanced for a while since such qualities are worth chasing more than boosts to ability recharge speeds. The drops are much more plentiful during this Raid compared to the Vault of Glass, however, no doubt owing to the increased permutations.

When factoring in exotics, the decisions are based on which Raid armour perks you can live without. After a while, an experienced team isn’t going to be so fussed about reload speed while Oversoul’s Gaze is active, so chest armour with Moment of Speed can be exchanged for, say, a Hunter’s Crest of Alpha Lupi that generates more Orbs from Super kills (especially handy for Hard Mode).

Choice pickings from Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner

Helmets and gloves gained from the Iron Banner and Trials are worth considering for performance enhancing perks that benefit PvE as much as PvP.

You may land a helmet with the Infusion perk, for example, alleviating the pain of the Crota’s End grind. Also, for killing Crota, there are melee-enhancing perks across all three classes, enabling two-sword take downs of Crota at the end.

Otherwise the perks are obviously more PvP oriented, granting faster reload speeds on preferred weapon types and longer grenade throws for flushing-out tactics. Super usage tends to come to the fore in all PvP modes, so guardians will most likely invest in Intellect at the expense of Discipline or Strength, depending on whether you prefer the proximity attacks of shotguns and melee or ranged hits from sniper rifles and grenades.

Etheric Light to the rescue

Something that’s heartening to know while piecing together your ultimate kitbags for PvE and PvP is that Etheric Light, that ascends Legendary armour and weapons to max House of Wolves potential, also boosts Strength/Discipline/Intellect attributes on older armour. It’s not a huge amount (we noticed just seven points per category on our Warlock Vault of Glass collection) but if you’re not running sword on Crota and only concerned with heavy ammo capacity, the VoG boots are great.

Equally, in relation to the PvP comments above, an ascended Iron Regalia helm can be awesome.

I am Level 34. I feel badass. Don’t tell me I’m not.

Right now in Destiny, a Guardian that has reached the soft level cap of 20 can attain the max rating of 34 inside a few weeks without sweating too much. This is especially true when you’re boosting an alternative character, regardless of class. Since Destiny Expansion II: The House of Wolves, the arrival of Variks in the Reef guarantees one piece of light level 42 per week, per character. If you’re able to run a level 32 Prison of Elders arena this drops an Armour Core to exchange for Variks’ Kell Armour, and this Armour Core can be used by any of your Guardians. Even complete newcomers can aim for this in a short space of time by running Vanguard activities such as strikes and dailies. Upon gaining enough reputation for Vanguard Level 2, you simply buy level 32 gauntlets, chest and leg armour.

You may have noticed, and we hate to break it to anyone happily parading silly Strength stats, that Variks’ gear is a brilliant example of how Bungie is keeping us all glued to the grind by switching up the Kell armour attributes each week. Also – and you can hear the Vault creaking in anticipation – there’s the promise of armour sets that are specific to activities in the same way Kell armour accelerates recovery speed and puts a spring in your step.

And that’s before we even get on to the subject of a whole new era of Raid armour required to face Oryx The Taken King.

You armour choices in Destiny depend dramatically on situation, of which there are many. Seriously serious Bungie: more vault space!

Guns And Weapons Blaze Off Before ‘Taken King’ Arrival with Destiny

With little more than a month before The Taken King expansion lands in “Destiny,” developer Bungie has provided some eye candy for players. After last week’s controversy and outrage among fans with the nerfing of the Gjallarhorn, the new guns in the game may fuel another round of discussions among guardians.

In the latest Bungie update, the developer gave a brief backgrounder on the kind of new weapons by introducing three product lines in the game. There are sample concept art pieces for the gun completing the illustration.

There are three product lines for the weapons, and each has its own thrust in weapon-making and focus in terms of the weapons’ contribution in the battle against the Taken. The first are the Hakke weapons, which have stable base stats that make them ideal in upgrading the weapon. As for their battle capabilities, the Hakke weapons are more offensive and tactical.

The Omolon range of weapons are concerned with breakthroughs and breaking borders with weapon design. The weapons are lighter, and the perks are more behavioral in nature rather than stat-based. Finally, perk selections are more beneficial when choosing those that are energy-based or are interactive with the guardian’s abilities.

Suros, the last line of weapons, is concerned more with customizability and adaptability of the weapons in battle. This allows Suros weapons to suit the situation on the battlefield. This is made possible by the ability to have more options in changing the weapon stats compared to others, and it has the ability to swap nodes and change its range effectively and efficiently.

The new guns and weapons are not the end in terms of additions for “Destiny” and its upcoming expansion. PlayStation Lifestyle spotted a feedback forum exchange with new manager Chris “Cozmo23” Shannon. He shared with fans some features taken from the community’s wishlist. He noted not all can be implemented, but he wanted fans to know the developer is listening to what people want.

On the list are skins for guns and ghosts, more options in terms of aiming, matchmaking, customization and storage, private crucible matches and rebalancing of weapons. Players also brought up two things that will be interesting additions to the game: the ability to dismantle consumable items and player trading.

The latter had been hinted at repeatedly. The most recent sighting was in early June, wherein three trademarks for “Destiny” surfaced. Forbes previously reported the trademarks revolved around “Eververse” and “Eververse Trading Co.” While there are no direct relations to “Destiny,” at least based on the trademarks, Bungie has already said it plans to have player economy down the road for “Destiny.”