9 tips to making money guide in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Making Money Tips

In order for the arsenal to be regularly replenished with everything you need, and the shelter is not frozen in development, you should make your escape from Tarkov profitable. We have prepared a couple of tips for making Tarkov money in the game, which may be useful for newbies.


There are several points that anyone who wants to earn extra money in the vastness of Tarkov needs to know. To get started, grasp the following:

  • If you have accumulated a lot of non-weapon junk, space tends to zero, and you are determined to sell too much, contact your Therapist.
  • She is the one who will offer you the best prices for non-combat items such as food, water, medicine, army tokens, and technical supplies.
  • If you want to sell weapons to the vendor, contact the Skier. He won’t buy whole guns, but he’ll pay well for the dismantled ones. Anything that the Skier refuses to take, bring for sale to Prapor.


Hunting for other players is not suitable as the main source of income, but rather, on the contrary, promises financial losses. Even if you are an exceptionally cool stalker, your chances of survival will not exceed fifty percent. Think about the losses due to insurance and equipment lost in battle.

Escape from Tarkov PVP


If you have studied the paths on the maps well and know where expensive items and keys will spawn, you can make good money on their extraction and sale. If it so happens that you find yourself near the place where the key appeared, be sure to go and check its presence. The profit in this case will outweigh the possible losses if you face another player.

Escape from Tarkov Key


This is a piece of general advice, useful in principle to all players, regardless of their goals in the raid. Start with any one location, explore all the routes, remember the location of important objects.

In-depth research will allow you to examine the spawn points of the players, as well as the areas in which the wild roam, their species, and behavior patterns. Any information about the area will be useful to you in the future.


Such containers are designed specifically so that players can save the most valuable finds, but first, you should carefully study the market and demand in order to understand which things should be hidden first. If another player kills you, the only thing that he cannot pick up from the body is this container.

Escape from Tarkov Gamma Container


In addition to using the main character, once every 20 minutes, players can enter the raid in the role of a wild – randomly equipped fighter. Do not hesitate to interrupt your fellows, collect all the most value from them, and then hastily evacuate.

Upon arrival at the base, strip the wild one to a goal. All the items that he brings may not be the best in the game, but they will definitely be of interest to merchants.


In just a couple of raids, you can make some good money if you are patient and careful. Even on a small grind of common resources, scattered in places where other players rarely appear, you can raise a decent amount of money.

Try to check the bodies of killed enemies, even if they were not killed by you. Very often, more experienced players will leave less valuable loot behind. Grab anything that isn’t nailed down, even your hats.


Upon reaching a certain level, players have access to the local auction, where there are many opportunities for earning, including the resale of things bought from the Mechanic and the Skier at a high level of reputation.

Escape from Tarkov Shop


On the Shoreline map, you can head east towards a relatively safe village, or explore the buildings along the coastline, ransacking war boxes and killing wild ones along the way.

Study the map Interchange carefully. Find the most comfortable part of the store for yourself, rummage through all the military boxes there and try to take everything out.

Another good option for earning EFT money is the Forest, where you can quickly make a profit, especially when you respawn as a wild one. Finish off a few of your comrades, collect all the loot and flee.

Madden 21: Expose ball games of the 2020 Las Vegas Raiders and also the missing field classification display

EA launched a total listing of scores on Monday, and I make sure you would like to recognize just how your favorite Silver and Black participants compare with various other alliance participants. If you have been paying very close attention, it was revealed recently that phenom RB Josh Jacobs was among the leading ten, and Henry Ruggs III had a speed rating of 98, 2nd only to Tyreek Hillside.

Leading players
Everybody understands that there is one of the best strategies-if not the best-in the NFL offensive line, which is why Central Rodney Hudson, Ren Xianqi Wei offered exclusive meetings and fixed Trent Brown’s three-team ranking The tallest player. If you prepare to develop a area in Madden 21, do not miss out on the Raiders offensive line.

Josh Jacobs occupies a leading position, and the University of Alabama guard has phenomenal vision and dexterity, and can go straight to the 2nd level of defense. The combination of Jacobs and Raiders offensive lines suffices to make the opposing protective planners uncomfortable, and they must bring worry into your Madden competitor’s vision.

The leading five players on the Madden method:
Player Placement General

Madden NFL 21

Player Position Overall
Rodney Hudson C 93
Richie Incognito G 90
Josh Jacobs RB 88
Trent Brown T 87
Darren Waller TE 85

If you describe last year’s Madden rating, I can safely claim that most of Raiders’ newbie scores have surpassed expectations. Starting in 2019, almost all newbies have played an crucial duty in the process of developing a team identity, and this is expected to be the same in 2020.

Henry Ruggs III & Co. followed closely behind. After the 2020 NFL Draft, experts applauded Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden for placing the gifted newbie course theoretically once again. Rugers is the widest recipient in the 2020 draft classification, with an overall rating of 76, yet I think this will certainly rise in the 2nd week.

Speed racing
The Raiders are about to win the title of the fastest team in the Western AFC. The Kansas City Chiefs may be the fastest player in the organization, yet Henry Ruggs III failed. He is not the only one on the listing with a jet engine for legs.

There are a overall of 14 players with silver and black cards with a speed rating of 90 or greater. Improvements have been made in both facets of the offseason. Almost every position has speed. The Raiders will certainly be a team that is challenging to stand in reality and Madden.

Essentially ignored
Everybody has disgust, yet these individuals are respected and I will certainly not support it-not that they need me to attest them.

Cory Littleton, arguably the most significant freelance purchase in the offseason this season, has an overall rating of 78 and an NFL expert rating of less than 80.

Littleton’s rating is surprising, yet not as impolite as Derek Carr’s rating. The Raiders quarterback has gotten some unfair objections in the past year. Its composite rating is 79 points (a decline of one percentage point from last year). The crazy markers have provided Carl with more inspiration. Verify that the movie critics are wrong in 2020. Carl set a job high in lots of statistical groups last year, and if the fans agree, the raters will certainly quickly complete their dish.

Missing out on area category screen

Popular Madden YouTuber, Samuel Brown RBT published the complying with displays and videos on his network, covering these shots.

The explanations on these 3 displays in fact never ever claim The Backyard is an on-line function, yet it seems to be because in a brief explanation, you are encountering a difficulty to test the “world”. Unless EA adopts some sort of leaderboard concept, it is challenging to envision inhabiting the entire world without some type of on-line gameplay.

Personalizing the character, acquiring equipment and organizing sounds a great deal like managing MyPlayer. It favors this direction because the description indicates that you will certainly have the ability to buy or make clothing, accessories, and so on, while gathering a six-person team to compete with various other human-controlled groups online. Other resemblances with these summaries and 2K’s PARK concept are the ranking recommendations, which sound like agent, while the overall departure from the typical game area recommends one more design of football.

Once again, these details are not validated, yet based on what we have seen, this is not a crazy presumption.

It also mentions the link to Madden Mobile. According to the depth of this situation, compared with similar systems, it may be more linked to Madden’s mobile devices and game consoles than various other sports game series.

Since we still haven’t seen any screenshots of the activity in The Backyard, we can only hypothesize, yet as more information can be found in, it’s clear that if it integrates what we saw in FIFA’s Volta, this It may be a preferred model., NHL’s CHEL world, 2K’s PARK and also Madden’s occasion started from Super star KO last year.

Madden 21 will certainly be launched on August 25th, so the details behind the “yard” will certainly be launched quickly, even if the function will certainly not be offered at the time of launch. For EA, it will certainly be fantastic to consolidate its franchise model before adding a totally various experience to the core game.

Madden 21 key things to understand ahead of you play For Beginners – Potential, Missions, challenges, X-Factors, Franchise

Madden NFL 21 is an approachable but deep football sim that also takes place to become a ton of exciting to play. That will help you get began inside your quest to turn out to be the ideal video game football player you can be, we’ve put collectively a Madden NFL 21 beginner’s guide for PS4, Xbox One, and Pc customers. From deciding on your game style to new in-game characteristics for example Superstar X-Factor, here are some strategies and tricks to utilize around the gridiron.

Unveil your Rookies’ prospective
If you are playing Franchise as a coach, the draft is among the most important moments of every season. If you want to ideal build for the future, make sure to track your draftees’ progression prospective inside the roster menu. Clicking on any player reveals the price at which their skills will strengthen and there are actually four possibilities: standard, star, superstar, and X-Factor. Any incoming rookies need to 1st play 500 snaps (roughly half the season to get a starter with six-minute quarters) just before their prospective is revealed, but as soon as it can be you have a clearer notion of which new players have breakout capability and which may have been draft busts.

Get trendy with all the run-pass selection
For on-line play, this can be probably the most essential of our Madden 20 strategies. The run-pass selection has been the league’s preferred toy ever due to the fact the Eagles ran it all of the approach to a Super Bowl victory two seasons ago. RPO plays are in Madden for the initial time this year, and as tricky as they’re able to be for defenses, you can be ideal there with them with out enough practice. Head to the Skills Trainer under the Exhibition menu and discover the Run Ideas playbook. Three new drills are available that familiarize you with all the RPO and tips on how to use it effectively with intelligent pre-snap reads and lightning-quick reaction times as soon as the ball is snapped. In case you utilized this approach to master the QB selection from several years ago, you currently know how practice truly does make ideal.

Tap into Madden missions ASAP
As Ultimate Team grows far more with every season, the quantity of menus, modes, and currencies may be daunting for new players. If you have been avoiding MUT as a result of its intimidating array of routes and solutions, under no circumstances truly confident if you’re progressing properly, there’s no need to worry anymore. Madden 20 adds Missions, a guided method to the a lot of challenge trees of Ultimate Team. It’s the initial page you see when starting a brand new group, and really should be thought of your HQ for something you’re working on though building your fantasy roster of previous legends and existing stars.

Skip to three-star challenges in MUT
One far more essential MUT tip to finish. Now that you’re no longer scared off by its a variety of challenges, take it one particular step additional and skip to the “hard” challenges early on. If you have played MUT just before, you understand the challenges begin rather straightforward: “Run for ten yards,” “Complete two passes,” “Throw a touchdown from the goalline.” Several challenges have 3 tiers broken up by difficulty, but mainly because the objectives are so straightforward, you can save time and earn rewards a great deal more rapidly by cutting the line and deciding on the three-star challenges promptly ¨C as an alternative to playing the exact same challenge on straightforward, then medium, then challenging. Sooner or later they get legitimately tougher, but you can play numerous hours of “hard” level content just before most Madden 20 players would agree with all the designation.

Verify your telephone in franchise mode
Franchise mode doesn’t get a great deal of like this year – no surprises there – but one particular minor new feature that may be quite cool is its elevated social aspect. Every single week, your player or coach receives text messages from distinctive folks inside the NFL universe. It may be a beat reporter for the regional paper, or a rival player, or perhaps among your individual teammates. They ask for favors, taunt you, give you interviews, and how you reply determines exactly where XP bonuses go and what objectives you have for the game ahead. Ensure to interact with these, mainly because to skip them often suggests losing free XP boosts or other possibilities to far more quickly progress your players this website. In short, keep your ringer on.

Know and trigger your X-Factors
X-Factors are this year’s biggest addition find more. 20 of those skills are offered to the league’s 50 most dominant players, and can be activated a number of times throughout any game in any mode. To have probably the most out of those boons, feed your superstars possibilities early. By way of example, Odell Beckham needs 3 catches of 20+ yards to activate his RAC -Em Up capability (elevated good results price for RAC catches versus single coverage), so you ought to be script your drives early and often, enabling him to hit that milestone. When Beckham hits it, he stays inside the “zone” until a defender forces an incompletion. Just like in real life, these X-Factor players possess the likelihood to dominate all four quarters, so get them involved quickly.

Face of the Franchise lets you restart
Devin Wade’s Longshot story is gone, plus the far more freeform Face of the Franchise mode is in. In Madden 20 story mode, you produce your individual quarterback, play through the college playoff series, execute at the NFL combine, and are invited to draft day. How quickly you come off the board is partly inside your hands. An early exit from the college playoffs hurts your draft stock, as does a sloppy performance in Indianapolis for the combine.
If being chosen early inside the draft is significant to you ¨C in particular because it scores an achievement/trophy ¨C you can assure becoming the initial overall pick. To do you, you have to win the National Championship and impress scouts with a flawless combine exercise. The combine is 24 passing plays plus the game lets you know when you have messed any of those up, so if you’re truly pushing for that number one particular spot on draft day, don’t hesitate to scrub your save and try once more.

Ordinarily, they are not worth the trouble for factors which are enough inside the extended run. Whilst they are helpful for players who might know nothing at all concerning the game. For probably the most portion, they are understanding tools for novices to ease them in to the game. For far more Madden 21 Tips, you can visit madden21coins.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no cost from the reps for those who Obtain NFL 21 Coins from this article.

Madden NFL 21 Coins

NBA 2K21 will formally Distribute on Steam on Sept 5, 2020. Can you still acquire it?

NBA 2K21 is the latest work inside the NBA 2K series of world-renowned best-selling masterpieces. The industry-leading sports game practical experience is presented.

Cheap NBA 2K21 MT

This version involves one 100K VC, 10K fantasy group points, fantasy group card packs, digital content for self-created players, and more fascinating content. Get the digital version, and you can get two free of charge fantasy group promotional card packs along with a set of self-made player skills enhancement. NBA 2K21 is the very first to take the lead, and the game will officially land on steam on September 5, 2020. You can find two versions in the ordinary version and Mamba timeless version for everybody to choose from.

2K Games announced the NBA2K21 release method, which is a little puzzling. On September 4, we will see Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch NBA 2K21. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions in the game are scheduled for release inside the 2020 vacation season, which indicates that they might be the release of new game consoles…

In any case, nowadays, 2K revealed that even though the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions in the game will run at a typical price tag of $59.99, the next-generation game version will run at the expense of $69.99. Suppose you need to get NBA 2K21 around the current version in the game console and upgrade to the next generation version when the new game console is released. You should buy Mamba Forever Edition – which charges $99.99 but will supply you using the current version and the next generation version Games which might be compatible using the exact same series of consoles.

To be positive, a $100 price tag cut around the Mamba Forever Edition-instead in the common Legend Edition to commemorate Kobe Bryant-is more affordable than acquiring the current version in the game for $60 after which dropping it on a brand new console for the identical price tag by a further $70 Much more. But simply because quite a few publishers are committed to free of charge game upgrades, 2K Games charges an added upgrade charge may well not apply to quite a few players.

In any case, 2K Games stated that NBA 2K21 would have the cross-development capabilities of MyTEAM, like shared VC wallets, NBA 2K21 MT inside the exact same console loved ones. All MyTEAM Points, Tokens, Cards, and progress are out there in each version of NBA 2K21, so in the event, you pick Mamba Forever Edition, you are able to at the least hold MyTEAM progress when jumping amongst the two consoles. We’ll notify you when 2K shares far more details about NBA 2K21, so please stay tuned.

Soon after the release of 2k15, the feeling that this IP brings to men and women is no longer as fascinating as those of 2k11 and 2k14 site here. From 2k16 to 2k20, change the skin devoid of changing medicine. Insufficient innovation, old engine, the game operation has developed into urgent trouble to become solved by EA. Specifically considering the fact that 2k18, as the player’s favorite profession mode, it’s locked by 2K. It requires a full online connection to practical experience the profession mode, and players have criticized the problem that the server can’t be connected. Coupled with AI’s brainless enhancement, fueled by fire, and abused players with rough skin, they will only give a bad breath and talk about comfort.

The Way to Promptly Farm Fortnite PVE Event Gold

Beginning through the Christmas occasion at the end of 2017, EPIC added on seasonal gold to Fortnite PVE which it is possible to use to buy particular points in the Weekly and Event-Specific shop. Although now it is just called “gold” you nonetheless want it, and if you’d like something just like the Mythic Nevermore Raven in the present Blockbuster occasion, you will have to have a lot of it.

How Fortnite Gold Operates Now

I’m just going to go through the recent adjust that was announced to how gold functions since it is actually superior to understand. At present, there’s a cap of five,000 gold. When you hit this cap, you can’t earn much more till you invest it. Nonetheless, it’s worth hovering near the cap at the end of your event since unlike with previous events, the gold will no longer reset immediately after the event ends. This signifies after the Blockbuster occasion, as an example, ends, you are going to nevertheless have 5,000 to spend inside the next event shop.

Although not necessary to be at or near the gold cap, it is actually beneficial to stockpile some for handy products you wish.

Now, for the actual tips.

Three Methods for Grinding Out Fortnite PVE Gold

Just about the only assistance, you will get for ways to get gold rapidly is “grind it out”. You get gold for performing every mission, so clearly you just have to play the game. Having said that, it is actually worth noting that the greater the energy level the mission, the more the gold reward will probably be for completing it. So for those who do a PL 5 mission in Stonewood, you may acquire a great deal significantly less gold for completing a mission that undertaking a PL 70 mission in Canny Valley. The type of mission you do in addition to the level chest you get also play a (smaller) portion on just how much gold you get.

Nevertheless, when it comes to grinding, it really is superior to focus on how rapid you do issues in lieu of what gets you the most gains.

Grind Out Provide the Bomb

In case you can round yourself up a coordinated group of like-minded individuals who wish to grind out gold, Provide the Bomb is generally the quickest mission you’ll be able to do. With every single individual focused on an objective ¨C come across the armory/launcher, uncover BluGlo, lay tracks, create around launcher ¨C you may hammer out the prep definitely fast. After the bomb is delivered, you only must defend for about four minutes.

The truth that it is possible to do that very promptly implies which you can do lots of them over and more than once more and they give comparable rewards to other mission forms. Even so, because you may finish them more rapidly, you get one of the most gold.

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Grind Out SSDs

1 factor that some players may possibly not know is the fact that mini llamas are now assured to drop amongst 30 to 50 gold. This has now made performing Storm Shield Defenses a valid way of grinding out gold. As Storm Shield Defenses drop mini llamas, you’ll be able to get gold for the low, low price tag of expending a bunch of bullets helping other people. You may do your personal Storm Shield or ask if other folks need enable in involving the trade scam in chat.

It is possible to try going to Stonewood and custom queuing through Play With Other folks for the lowest level missions probable as well. There is a likelihood you’ll get incredibly new players undertaking their pretty very first Storm Shield Defense, which requires all of five minutes to complete. Even so, this isn’t a dependable method, you are able to get other missions also, not only SSDs.

Grind Out Rescue the Survivors or Destroy the Encampment Missions

Alternatively, not all grinding ought to be about time efficiency. Should you will need gold but wish to just sort of casually grinding it out, as an alternative pick uncomplicated missions. Hardcore grinders will prevent Rescue the Survivors or Destroy the Encampments for the reason that you’re stuck there for 20 minutes every time. Nonetheless, these missions do not demand a great deal of thought or work.

Primarily, you’ll be able to play them even though carrying out one thing like watching Tv on your second monitor, and that’s why I advise them. Grinding does not have to be regularly “go, go, go” it just must get completed. With these mission varieties, you may also farm out supplies right after you clear it as well.

(Certainly, whilst this sounds like I support AFK/leeching, I surely don’t. Even lazily looking for survivors is contributing, and I support that. Don’t AFK. Do not be that dick. Why play a game in case you never played the game?)

Mini-Bosses and Repeatable Occasion Missions

As Heli brought up in the comments below, I’d forgotten that you could get gold from merely carrying out a mini-boss mission. The mini-boss will have to spawn, but you don’t basically must kill it.

For the Blockbuster occasion, the repeatable occasion mission is to kill a single mini-boss. Every time you do, the quest will reward you a simple 50 gold. So thus, it can be ideal to prioritize mini-boss missions more than non-mini-boss missions.

Grinding Gear Games is Proud To Announce – Incursion

GGG announced that the next expansion to their hit ARPG, Path of Exile: Incursion, will launch next month on PC. Path of Exile: Incursion sends players on a journey over a thousand years into the past to the long-dead Vaal Empire.

The ancient Vaal treasure temple of Atzoatl has been lost to the world for thousands of years, swallowed up by the jungle. Alva Valai, a relic hunter, has learned that she can locate the ruins of the temple by thrusting you back into the past, through a series of Temporal Incursions into the temple while it was being constructed. Path of Exile: Incursion examines the effects of temporal causality by allowing you to change the future of the temple through your actions in the past. During your Temporal Incursions, you can open doors and slay Vaal Architects, modifying and upgrading rooms in the future. Be careful with the direction that you modify the temple though, as upgraded rooms confer great risks alongside their great rewards.

Incursion will be available from the 1st of June on PC, with the Xbox One version coming a week later.

Path of Exile was released in October 2013 to critical acclaim including winning GameSpot’s PC Game of the Year award. Since its launch, Path of Exile has become a global community of over 13 million players including localized versions in English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Russian, Thai and Brazilian Portuguese.

Path of Exile: Incursion, like every major expansion of Path of Exile, will be completely free-to-play (and of course, never Pay to Win; your success in the game is dependent on the depth of your skill, not your wallet). More information about Path of Exile: Incursion can be found at https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile.

What Monster Will You Meet In The PoE Twilight Strand

In Path of Exile, the Twilight Strand is the first area of Act 1 and is connected to Lioneye’s Watch. Newly created characters begin washed up on the beach. Players start with 3 x Scroll of Wisdom, a Small Life Flask in flask slots 1 and 2, and a Small Mana Flask in flask slot 5.

A class-dependent weapon with two linked sockets can be found on the ground nearby, and the Hungry Corpse that kills the Dying Exile drops a class-dependent skill gem when killed.

Path of Exile

Halfway along the shore there is a Large Chest containing a support skill gem for the skill gem dropped earlier, also class-dependent. In the Twilight Strand, you will encounter the following monsters:

1. Hillock is a unique monster in The Twilight Strand in Act 1. Defeating him is the objective of the quest Enemy at the Gate. Defeating Hillock is easy. Attacking him repeatedly will do, while occasionally drinking a life flask (buttons 1 and 2) to restore health.

2. Drowned is a type of Zombie found in Act 1.

3. Hungry Corpse is a type of Zombie found in Act 1.

4. Sand Spitter is a type of Spitter. It has a purple colour, and lacks the special abilities many later spitters have.

If you are new to the game, you can follow some build guide from our website. Another option is to just mess around yourself and see how things work but sometimes it can get frustrating if you cannot kill monsters/progress further, so be careful with it.

Are You Excited With PoE New Divination Cards

In Path of Exile, alongside the Bestiary Challenge League, Content Update 3.2.0 also introduces 9 new Divination Cards. Among other things, many of these cards redeem for Breach-related poe items! Let’s take a look at these Divination Cards.

Path of Exile
Divination Cards
Divination Cards

How do the players view these Divination Cards? Let’s take a look at their different perspectives:

1) The stance on Divination cards went from “Restricted to only items obtainable by a regular drop.” to “As long as it’s obtainable in some way it’s okay.” And now to “Hahahaha rules, good one”. Well, the signature items the masters sell themselves are even more meaningless then now. Besides that I like the addtition, Elreon mod has always been good and with Shaper/Elder stuff in the game there is no reason to lock it down to i59 anymore.

2) More cards you will never collect a full set. How about fixing the div card system before adding more. So for the whole “Breach item” thing, is that only the un-upgraded items, or can that drop the upgraded version also? e.g. can it drop Xoph’s Blood, or just Xoph’s Heart?

3) These are all pretty crazy. I question the need for starforge to be on a card especially uncorrupted but I guess someone paid for it. The elreon ilvl85 card has some insane potential. Don’t forget in bestiary you can make an imprint of a magic item, so crafting a steel/opal with this mod will be doable.

4) GGG never tells you where your unique item/ divination card will drop, since they think it’s an ingame advantage to the creator, which they consider pay to win.

5) Balefire is great as an early league starter, since it gives you linked chest level damage without needing to go through the RNG of finding/linking a chest. But it being corrupted means without Vorici 8 for the first weeks/months of the league (depending on if you’re SSF), each turn-in has very low chances of the right link + socket color setup. So for each turn-in there may be only a 5% chance that you’ll get a usable result which is sort of annoying if the card isn’t super common.

Finally, good luck to you, we will update the news about Path of Exile in real time, if you don’t want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, please buy poe currency on U4GM.

Introduction About Path Of Exile Acts

Path of Exile’s world includes shared encampments where players can meet and group up, as well as instanced areas to tackle solo or as part of a group. The instanced areas are randomly generated, so levels are different every time you play.

Originally, Path of Exile consisted of four Acts and multiple difficulty levels for each act – a game structure based on Diablo. With the War for the Atlas expansion, the structure has shifted so that players no longer have to move through difficulty levels in order to reach higher difficulties. Instead, Grinding Gear chose to add new acts on top of the original four acts, more than doubling the size of the game.

A new section at the end of Act 4 bridges this act with the next one. Players will climb a mountainous region to find a magical machine that teleports them back to the homeland from which they were exiled (hence the game’s title).

Act 5, the first new chapter added in the latest expansion, sees your character returning to the city that exiled him or her in order to exact justice. This act involves a visit to the Torched Courts. Your hero has accidentally released the gods of the world, once held in check by a divine creature called the Beast. This has a destructive domino effect on the rest of the game world.

Acts 6 through 10 primarily involve revisiting areas from the first portion of the game that have changed since the first time you explored them. Naturally, they include new areas, enemies, and poe items – not to mention increased difficulty. Twenty-four new boss fights spread across the new acts further ratchet up the challenge.

In Act 6, we visited the Brine King’s Reef, a location from Act 1 that has undergone many changes. The grotesque water and sand-based enemies include Animated Reefs, Sand Strikers (mud men), and Brine Vassals (octopus monsters merged with human skeletons). This act shows off Path of Exile’s gorgeous water effects, which have been significantly improved since the initial PC launch.

The Brine King’s Reef ends with a boss fight against the Brine King himself. Upon reaching the throne, players encounter a mermaid they met earlier in the game. A haunted amulet she found has corrupted her body, transforming her into a huge monster called the Brine King. The big boss summons lobster-like minions and eventually creates a tunnel of water around the area that players must avoid. It’s a visually impressive and exciting boss battle.

Destiny share the taken king’s prologue lets you get to know your enemy

Destiny developer Bungie is promising that The Taken King will do a better job telling a story, and that’s the focus of the prologue cinematic for the expansion.



The prologue is narrated by Eris Morn, the character who debuted in The Dark Below as the only survivor of a team that had attempted to defeat the god Crota. He is listed as “Crota, Son of Oryx” in Crota’s End, the raid in which players destroyed him in The Dark Below. Next month, The Taken King will pit Guardians against that heavenly father: Oryx himself.

“He smells the blood of his son — on your hands,” Morn intones.


The Taken King launches Sept. 15 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It introduces sweeping changes to numerous areas of Destiny, and offers a one-time level boost to get players ready for its new content. For more, check out our hands-on impressions from E3.