Madden 18’s First-Ever Playable Story Mode And Introducing MUT Squads

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Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 Greatest Of All Time Edition Offers:
2500 contracts
12 Squad Packs
One of five Elite G.O.A.T players
An Elite player from your favorite NFL team
One uniform pack for your Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team

Updates to Your Favorite Gameplay: Madden NFL 18 adds the ability for players to adjust their AI’s actions, as well as a new Target Passing system that allows for ultimate control over the football.

Introducing MUT Squads: Join up with your friends to compete online in the new 3 vs. 3 game mode. Jump into games as either Offensive Captain, Defensive Captain or Head Coach with your Madden Ultimate Team line-up to crush the competition.

Build Your Madden Ultimate Team: Ever dreamed of having Reggie White and Brian Dawkins on the same defense? Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) allows players to build their dream team by collecting NFL players, ranging from legends of yesteryear to future Hall of Famers.

Madden’s First-Ever Playable Story Mode: Madden 18 introduces Longshot, a story-based game mode where players follow an NFL prospect’s road to the draft. This game mode offers a chance at football redemption for forgotten prospect Devin Wade, with powerful voice acting from JR Lemon, Mahershala Ali, Dan Marino and more.

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The UpUpDownDown Madden 18 Tournament And Some Star

The news has been reported from PWInsider. at the WWE’s Live Event in Lima, Harper did appeared, but we did not find his shadow and do not konw the reason he left. And Mojo Rawley was forced to team up with Erick Rowan at a WWE Live Event in Mexico after Luke Harper flew back home to the U.S.madden nfl 18 update 1.07
In round two of the UpUpDownDown Madden 18 Tournament, The Miz (using the Cleveland Browns) took on Curtis Axel (using the Minnesota Viking). Miz teased Axel by saying that if he enjoyed being in the Miztourage then he’d let him win. That didn’t work.

As long as you work hard, you can succeed. finally, Axel took home the 17-0 win. So he will now face Jason Jordan to determine the RAW Madden 18 Champion.

Path of Exile: War for the Atlas will launch Ten New Gems

War for the Atlas is Path of Exiles upcoming and newest expansion. War for the Atlas will launch Ten New Gems. The ten new Gems includes new Skill Gems and six new Supports. The new skills have a focus on necromancy, while the support gems are designed to augment as many skills as possible in new and interesting ways. We are sure you will certainly look forward to it, GM2V just like you, looking forward to their arrival. At GM2V, we also don’t want PoE players to be left behind in the game just because of lack of Path of Exile currency. Therefor, we have been offering players with cheap PoE currency. Next, let’s have a look at the news about Ten New Gems.


Fires a projectile that will Pierce throuch enemies to impact the cround at the targeted location, creating a bone archer corpse where it lands.


your body explodes, dealing spell damage in an area around you,and targeted corpse also explodes and recreates you from a nearby corpse, dealing damage where you were and where you appear.


It turns up to three corpses into fiery orbs that chase down enemies and explode.


Cremation explodes a corpse and replaces it with a fiery geyser. This geyser throws flaming shards all around it that deal damage in a large area. You can have up to three cremation effects active at once.


Supports any channelling skill, protecting you from damage while you channel.


This support gem applies to area skills that take place where you target, like Bladefall, for example. It trades damage and total area for repeat applications, allowing for a high damage if you’re able to strike enemies at the overlap point. Most area targeted skills can’t overlap more than once, so positioning is important to maximise your damage on key enemies.


This support adds two extra projectiles, and lets a portion of your projectiles be fired from adjacent points. The adjacent projectiles are fired from up to four adjacent points, creating a wide line of projectiles. This support is a great way to have access to extra projectiles at lower levels, and fires tighter clusters of projectiles at long range. It’s most interesting when used with Incinerate, Freezing Pulse or Flame Totem to create a wide swathe of destruction, drastically increasing the area they hit enemies up close.


Supports single-target melee attack skills, causing them to attack multiple targets simultaneously. Cannot support minions.

In this expansion, a lot of the new content is for the existing players, because that’s its particular slant, However, the content that does affect low-level layers are four new skill gems…all four of the new skill gems added are necromancy-themed, but designed so you can use them on other characters as well. They don’t have to be used by summoners.

War for the Atlas will be available worldwide on December 8, with the Xbox One version following about a week later.

Madden 18 Jets Championship,Place And Time

It’s exciting that the jets will be held the Madden 18 Club Championship at MetLife Stadium on Wednesday Night. You can get to The Toyota Club early, The Toyota Club at MetLife Stadium.

The Madden 18 Championship Series is a competition among the world’s best Madden video game players. The Jets will be hosting the Madden 18 New York Jets Championship at MetLife Stadium on Wednesday. After advancing through the “Ranked Ladder” and “Online Elimination” stages, the field is down to four competitors who will duke it out to be crowned Jets champion.

SNY’s Larry Ridley (play-by-play), Jets legend Bart Scott (color commentary) and senior reporter Eric Allen (host) will provide insight during the event. LB Lorenzo Mauldin and WR Quincy Enunwa will also be in attendance to show off their Madden prowess against former Madden champion Eric “Problem” Wright.

The Madden 18 Championship is on Wednesday, November 29th at 6:30pm.
When you got there, you may meet the semifinalists,such as Michael DeFino, Assingli Guenggueng, Nick Arroyo, George Swartz. What a happy thing.

Let me tell you how to watch: on and on the official New York Jets app, and on Twitch at More importantly, The event will be streamed live starting at 6:30 p.m