Path of Exile: War for the Atlas will launch Ten New Gems

War for the Atlas is Path of Exiles upcoming and newest expansion. War for the Atlas will launch Ten New Gems. The ten new Gems includes new Skill Gems and six new Supports. The new skills have a focus on necromancy, while the support gems are designed to augment as many skills as possible in new and interesting ways. We are sure you will certainly look forward to it, GM2V just like you, looking forward to their arrival. At GM2V, we also don’t want PoE players to be left behind in the game just because of lack of Path of Exile currency. Therefor, we have been offering players with cheap PoE currency. Next, let’s have a look at the news about Ten New Gems.


Fires a projectile that will Pierce throuch enemies to impact the cround at the targeted location, creating a bone archer corpse where it lands.


your body explodes, dealing spell damage in an area around you,and targeted corpse also explodes and recreates you from a nearby corpse, dealing damage where you were and where you appear.


It turns up to three corpses into fiery orbs that chase down enemies and explode.


Cremation explodes a corpse and replaces it with a fiery geyser. This geyser throws flaming shards all around it that deal damage in a large area. You can have up to three cremation effects active at once.


Supports any channelling skill, protecting you from damage while you channel.


This support gem applies to area skills that take place where you target, like Bladefall, for example. It trades damage and total area for repeat applications, allowing for a high damage if you’re able to strike enemies at the overlap point. Most area targeted skills can’t overlap more than once, so positioning is important to maximise your damage on key enemies.


This support adds two extra projectiles, and lets a portion of your projectiles be fired from adjacent points. The adjacent projectiles are fired from up to four adjacent points, creating a wide line of projectiles. This support is a great way to have access to extra projectiles at lower levels, and fires tighter clusters of projectiles at long range. It’s most interesting when used with Incinerate, Freezing Pulse or Flame Totem to create a wide swathe of destruction, drastically increasing the area they hit enemies up close.


Supports single-target melee attack skills, causing them to attack multiple targets simultaneously. Cannot support minions.

In this expansion, a lot of the new content is for the existing players, because that’s its particular slant, However, the content that does affect low-level layers are four new skill gems…all four of the new skill gems added are necromancy-themed, but designed so you can use them on other characters as well. They don’t have to be used by summoners.

War for the Atlas will be available worldwide on December 8, with the Xbox One version following about a week later.