Dark and Darker – Crystal Sword Fighter’s magic damage bonus

There are many types of weapons in Dark and Darker, each with clear advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss the Crystal Sword and how to increase magic damage.

First, you must spend some Dark and Darker Gold buy equipment, a willpower magic power reward that takes much time to filter out, and additional magic damage. The Crystal Sword in the equipment slot has three additional magic damage, which is a very advantageous buff in combat. Increasing Willpower is the fastest way to gain extra magic damage. Please do not save gold in this regard. It will determine your life or death in battle.

Adding a magic damage bonus via Willpower increases your hit damage, so you get extra damage from the extra magic damage and damage from stacking Willpower. Each hit stacks with about 10 points of additional magic damage, and even with the Blue Armor Sword, you can do 60 points of damage. One thing you have to get used to on Crystal Sword is that the swing pattern is very different because the initial jab is very different. Keeping you recovering slowly over a long period of time, the swing is brutal. Best of all, we just let the adrenaline rush to people and treat it like a killer fighter, and that’s where we found out. Even though you have the most armor, it only saves you from a few situations with Rogue, making you so slow on the initial jab, vulnerable, and unable to close the gap on most targets.

When I put more white base stats on certain pieces of gear, it made them undesired. Especially with Fighter, where the visored Barbuda has will, Armet has resourcefulness and kettle hat knows.

The second and third swings have better reach than initially expected, giving you almost the opposite effect of the Armed Sword swing, where the Armed Sword has the first two swings and easily hits the third strike. The struggle is the opposite of Crystal Sword, where the first hit appears difficult. Still, the second two hits put you in a good position to go down and finish the kill.

It’s a super good counter to puffball barb if you have heavy PDR. Even if they have the magic resist perk, you still do so much per swing I win most fights with a crystal sword build. + damage and will are your prior stats in my experience. A friend gave me ignite, and I was doing above 60 per hit with all +3 or +4 magic damage. Barb should not have an issue with this build. They can get up to 60%. Both DRs still with 200 hp, and the felling ax will out the DPS magic sword, especially since you can’t block with the magic sword.

With the right gear, you can hit close to 90. With arming sword 89 on the stab was the kit I was running last night, and I pieced that together from a zero to hero run and filled in with greens from a shop. Additional Phys and PDB% with about 25 str was the build.

Stacking strength is much more expensive if you find some good items yourself. I always saw Slayer as a nice, cheap build. Certainly can push it further. It was an example of what I would compare it to. DMG is close to one another.

The barbarian’s magic resistance is insane, even if you stack a ton of magic damage with Cheap Dark and Darker Gold, as he even nerfs 25%-30% of our magic damage, which is unfortunate, leaving you with a lot less magic Sword damage. I wouldn’t recommend fighting too many barbarians with this setup. It works great for priests.

The way I interpreted the “debuff duration increase” stat is increasing the time debuffs you cast affect your target, not the ones people cast on you. So like, for example, if you are a warlock or bard, your curses or shrieks of weakness would last longer. It doesn’t make sense that they would have a stat that negatively affects the wearer.

It’s the duration that a debuff lasts on you. So, a negative percentage is ideal. Suppose you compare the debuff stat of a cleric to a rogue. In that case, you will see that the cleric has a negative number, and that is why curses/goblin poison has less effect on a cleric, but they wreck rogues, who have a fairly high positive debuff duration percentage. Is it intentional to be that way? It shouldn’t be – debuff duration, no + debuff duration, but it is a detrimental stat change nonetheless.

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