TFD: Ranking Every Descendant – Bossing Tierlist

The Bossing Tierlist assesses descendant classes on their performance in challenging boss encounters, emphasizing single-target damage output, survivability, and utility. The cheapest TFD Void Grave Walker Boost Service is provided by U4GM, which is professional and guaranteed. Use code “allen” to get 5% off at U4GM! Here’s a concise ranking of The First Descendant characters for boss fights:

S· Gley: Considered S+ for bossing due to her excellent burst damage potential against single targets
· Jayber: Excels in boss fights with high damage output and the ability to heal self and others
A· Valby: Strong all-around character with good performance in boss encounters
· Bunny: While known for AOE, her speed and damage output are also effective against bosses
· Lepic: With the right modules, can increase weapon damage significantly for boss fights
· Kyle: Tanky character who can face-tank bosses while dealing good single-target damage
B· Freyna: Solid damage dealer, though not specifically highlighted for boss fights
· Ajax: Tank character with good survivability in boss encounters
C· Blair: Fire damage over time character, but lacks mobility which can be a disadvantage in boss fights
· Sharen: Noted to underperform in boss fights compared to mobbing
· Viessa: Generally ranked lower, including for boss encounters
Unranked (due to lack of specific information):· Esiemo
· Enzo
· Yujin

It’s important to note that character effectiveness can vary based on player skill, gear, and specific boss mechanics. Additionally, as the game receives updates and balance changes, these rankings may shift over time.

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