Destiny 2 Guide: The Return of Red Death Reformed

Destiny 2

This is not just a revamped version of the old Destiny 1 exotic, but a return of the original, hard-hitting Red Death. With its two-burst potential in PvP, this exotic pulse rifle is set to make waves this season. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this weapon, including how to get it, its perks, and tips for using it effectively.

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 Acquiring Red Death

Red Death is this season’s featured exotic weapon on the season pass. If you’ve purchased the season pass, you can get it for free at rank one. If not, you can still unlock it by leveling up your free season pass tier. The catalyst, which further enhances the weapon, is available at phase two of the season pass, so you’ll need to progress through the season to get it.

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 Red Death’s Perks and Catalyst


1. High Impact Pulse Rifle: This weapon falls into the high-impact pulse rifle category, similar to The Messenger. It has an impressive base range of 85, giving it almost 40 meters of range without damage drop-off.

2. Inverse Relationship: When you deal damage with this weapon, it gains increased handling, reduced flinch, and better movement speed. When at reduced health, it deals additional damage. This makes Red Death a formidable dueling weapon.

3. Redemption: Final blows with Red Death cure you and increase reload speed. Reloading after a kill cures nearby allies. Multi-kills grant more stacks of cure, and the reload speed after a kill is lightning fast.


The catalyst adds an extra layer of team synergy. Final blows charge the weapon, and when fully charged, your next final blow will create a healing burst around you and leave a remnant that provides restoration for allies. This adds a support element to Red Death, making it valuable in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

 Using Red Death in PvP

Red Death is incredibly stable and hits hard, making it a top contender in PvP. Here are some tips to maximize its potential:

1. Dueling Potential: With its high stability and reduced flinch, Red Death excels in duels. The Inverse Relationship perk makes it even more effective by increasing damage when you’re at low health.

2. Healing Mechanic: Use the healing mechanic to stay in the fight longer. Each final blow gives you a chunk of health, which can be crucial in intense PvP battles.

3. Range and Stability: Take advantage of its 85 base range and minimal recoil. The weapon has an almost perfectly vertical recoil pattern, making it easy to control.

4. Optics: The sight picture might take some getting used to. The two separate red dot sights can be a bit busy, but with practice, you’ll adapt to it.

 Using Red Death in PvE

While Red Death shines in PvP, it can also be a solid choice in PvE, especially with the catalyst. The healing burst and restoration remnant can provide much-needed support during tough encounters. Pair it with builds that enhance solar damage and radiant buffs to maximize its effectiveness.

Red Death is a strong contender this season in Destiny 2. Its combination of range, stability, and healing mechanics make it a versatile weapon for both PvP and PvE. Take the time to get used to its sight picture and unlock the catalyst for added team synergy. Give Red Death a spin and see how it fits into your playstyle.