Destiny 2: Finding and Farming Exotic Class Items Guide

Exotic class items in Destiny 2’s new Dual Destiny feature unique and simplified versions of standard exotic perks, designed specifically for use with Prismatic subclasses. These items offer new and powerful interactions that can greatly enhance gameplay, especially in terms of boss DPS and ability spamming. This guide will help you efficiently farm these exotic class items, using a tested route and methods for optimal results.

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 Key Requirements

To efficiently farm exotic class items, you’ll need:

1. Ghost with Wombo Detector: This perk allows you to see all chests and planetary materials within a 50m radius.

2. Sniper Rifle: The zoom on your sniper affects the range of Wombo Detector, allowing you to see markers from a bit further away.

3. Eager Edge Sword: Useful for making adjustments and speeding up the run by a few seconds. Any eager edge sword like Falling Guillotine or a D.A.R.C.I.’s sword will work.

4. Skimmer (or Sparrow): The Skimmer’s ability to sail over gaps saves time. However, a Sparrow can be used with minor route adjustments.

 Farming Route

1. Starting Point: Spawn in and move to the brass copper spheres area. Clear any nearby Hive enemies.

2. Initial Grace Period: Chests spawn 15-20 seconds after you land. Use this time to set up.

3. Pathing: Move in a loop around the map, staying within 50m of every chest spawn location to see and grab them. 

4. Cave Section: After completing the loop, check and grab any marked chests in the lower cave section.

5. Reload: Reload into the landing zone and repeat the cycle. 

 Additional Tips

– Events Interference: Head back to orbit once the overthrow level hits 2 or 3, as events start spawning that can interfere with your route.

– Sparrow Route: If using a Sparrow, be cautious around the floating bridge and tree at the bottom of the map. Adjust your pathing to avoid time loss from enemies or mistakes.

 Data Analysis

– Run Time: On average, each run takes about 1 minute and 41 seconds, with an average of 4.7 chests per run.

– Drop Rate: With 608 chests opened in 129 runs, 15 class items dropped. This translates to approximately one class item every 13 minutes and 50 seconds of optimal farming time.

 Comparison to Dual Destiny

– Dual Destiny Farm: Running Dual Destiny missions with a partner averages around 14 minutes and 30 seconds per clear. However, a bug currently allows for double loot, making it the most optimal method if not patched.

– Chest Farming: Chest farming in the landing is generally faster and does not require a partner.

For now, chest farming in the landing is the most efficient way to farm for exotic class items. This method is solo-friendly and provides a steady drop rate.