Ultimate Guide to Mastering Bunny in The First Descendant

Bunny, a “nuker bunny,” excels in both ad clearing and boss damage. She’s widely celebrated as one of the top DPS characters in The First Descendant, beloved not only for her effective damage capabilities but also for her dynamic abilities and strategic gameplay.

How to Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant

  1. Play Through Early Missions: Early in the game, as you progress through the first few main missions, you’ll be given a side mission titled “Bunny Crafting Training Stage.”
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  1. Collect Necessary Materials: To complete the Bunny Crafting Training Stage, gather the following materials:
  • Bunny Code
  • Bunny Enhanced Cells
  • Bunny Stabilizer
  • Bunny Spiral Catalyst

Most of these materials can be found during the main story missions in the Kingston area. Additionally, completing one Void Battle is necessary before you can finish the Bunny Crafting Training Stage.

  1. Complete the Side Mission: After gathering all the materials, speak with the character Anais to finish the side mission and begin the process of unlocking Bunny as a playable Descendant.
  2. Select Bunny from the Descendant Menu: Once unlocked, Bunny can be selected from the Descendant menu to be used as the main character. Note that all new Descendants start at level 1, so you’ll need to level up Bunny before tackling more challenging missions.

Core Mechanics

Passive Ability: Rabbit’s Foot
Bunny’s passive ability, Rabbit’s Foot, allows her to generate electricity as she moves. To fully charge her electricity bar, Bunny needs to cover a distance of approximately 200 meters. However, stopping movement causes her to lose this charge. This mechanic encourages constant movement to maximize damage output.

Double Jump
Landing from a double jump allows Bunny to deal additional damage, which integrates seamlessly with her mobile combat style.

Abilities Overview

  1. Thrill Bomb: This is Bunny’s first ability, which executes enemies nearby and deals AOE skill-power damage with a visual of a lightning ball above her head.
  2. Speed of Light: Bunny’s second ability boosts her movement speed significantly and triples the electricity gain per meter traveled. It’s essential to cycle this ability on and off to conserve MP while maximizing movement and electricity generation.
  3. Lightning Emission: Her third ability makes her pulse with electricity as she moves. When used in conjunction with Speed of Light, it becomes incredibly potent. This ability consumes electricity instead of MP, and should be turned off strategically to prevent excessive electricity waste.

Ultimate Ability: Maximum Power

Bunny’s ultimate, Maximum Power, unleashes a devastating lightning beam from her palm, which grows stronger the longer it’s active. Fully charging the electricity gauge to level three results in the most potent attack, making Bunny a formidable adversary in both clearing ads and boss fights.

Exclusive Mods for Bunny

  • Electri-Condense: Transforms Bunny’s ultimate into a damage-over-time effect around her feet, enhancing her area control and damage output.
  • Electric Transition: Modifies Speed of Light to increase your shield when running, adding a defensive boost that is helpful in specific scenarios.
  • Super Conductor: Adds a debuffing effect to Bunny’s electrocution status, weakening enemy attacks and enhancing Bunny’s survivability in combat.
  • Bionic Fuel: Alters Speed of Light to consume HP instead of MP. This mod is particularly useful in void intercept battles, where MP sources are scarce.

Strategic Play Tips

To maximize Bunny’s potential, keep her on the move to continuously generate electricity. Use her Speed of Light in short bursts to avoid draining MP too quickly while maintaining agility. Combine her abilities strategically to chain high-damage combos and manage her resources efficiently.

Bunny stands out as a versatile and powerful character in The First Descendant. Whether you’re clearing hordes of enemies or focusing on boss damage, her unique set of abilities ensures she can handle various combat scenarios effectively. Experiment with different mods to tailor her abilities to your play style and the challenges at hand.