The First Descendant Combat Guide

Today, I bring you a combat guide for The First Descendant, an upcoming looter shooter set to release in 2024. This game promises to be one of the best looter shooters of the year. The combat feels incredible, and here I’ll break down what you need to know, focusing on two of the descendants: Ajax and Bunny.

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Basic Combat Mechanics

Responsive Movement and Abilities
The combat in The First Descendant is designed to be intuitive and responsive. You have four abilities, each with its own combo, displayed at the bottom of your screen. Aiming and shooting are similar to most FPS games, making it easy to pick up.

Grappling Hook
One unique feature is the grappling hook, which allows you to move around quickly. Practice using this tool early on to master navigation.

You have three weapon slots: primary, secondary, and heavy. My setup includes:

  • Primary Weapon: Basic assault rifle.
  • Secondary Weapon: Scout rifle, which feels similar to Halo’s battle rifle.
  • Heavy Weapon: Rocket launcher that sticks to enemies and detonates after a delay.

Enemy Weak Points and Elements
Each enemy has specific weak points and elemental weaknesses. Minions usually have headshot weak points, while larger enemies have more specific spots. Tailor your build to exploit these weaknesses for maximum efficiency.

Descendants Overview

Ajax is equipped with defensive shields, providing protection from all directions. These shields are crucial, especially during tougher encounters. The game offers multiple difficulty levels, starting from normal and escalating to harder modes as you progress.

Bunny is the fastest descendant and ideal for players who want to move through combat quickly. She is particularly effective in missions requiring speed and efficiency.

Combat Synergy and Variations
The First Descendant features a variety of missions, each with different objectives and combat scenarios. You might need to:

  • Protect devices.
  • Eliminate a certain number of enemies.
  • Collect orbs within a time limit using the grappling hook.

Some missions require specific descendants, like using Bunny for her electricity abilities.

Customization and Boss Fights
The game offers extensive customization options for weapons and appearances. Boss fights are challenging and require strategic thinking and proper use of abilities and weapon combos.

Gameplay Highlights:

  • Responsive movement and combat.
  • Grappling hook for quick navigation.
  • Primary, secondary, and heavy weapons.
  • Unique abilities for each descendant.
  • Varied mission objectives.
  • Customization options.
  • Challenging boss fights.
  • Continuous updates and improvements based on player feedback.

Continuous Updates
The developers are actively listening to feedback and making quick adjustments. The combat has improved significantly from the first beta to the latest technical test.

The First Descendant is packed with content and offers a dynamic combat experience. With a variety of missions, customizable weapons, and continuous updates, you’re likely to spend hundreds of hours immersed in this game. The release date is July 2nd, so mark your calendars!