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Madden NFL 18 is an American football sports video game based on the National Football League and published by EA Sports for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Madden NFL 18: The Most Visually Advanced American Football Game

Madden NFL 18 is available since released on August 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One and enthusiastically enthusiastically fans of American Football with virtual touchdowns. EA has been struggling to put the events of American football day. Although all of original features are great, the best part of the Madden NFL 18 is definitely its Longshot mode.


If it were the chicly staged, largely convincingly played as well as sometimes emotional story mode “Longshot” not, Madden NFL 18 would definitely no more than a (graphics) upgrade to the full price. Yes, with the switch from the Ignite-engine originally developed exclusively for EA Sports to the Frostbite engine, the quality of the presentation (keyword: spectator), physics, AI as well as in general has been added to the visual quality class.

With the focus on the engine change as well as the “Longshot” profiting from a good screenplay, it is not surprising that little has happened with regard to the modes and the game feeling largely unchanged despite the reduced playing speed. Accordingly, anyone who can do without the story and do not feel like the new 3-versus-3 co-ops in the Ultimate Team can wait or do without.

Anyone who has paused on the other side in the last few years can be sure to get Madden NFL 18 the most visually advanced and a playful comprehensive American football package, whose mechanical strengths and weaknesses, despite modifications, are largely identical to the previous year’s model.

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Easy Madden 18 Coins Farming Tips And Tricks

Welcome back to another tips article for Madden NFL 18. In this we will give you some MUT Coins Making Tips which will help you get more coins fast.

The solo challenges also yield a good amount of coins. Devote enough time and effort as there are a lot of solo challenges. You will definitely gain a lot of coins here. You can also get a list of daily tasks in the objective screen in Ultimate Team. ‘’Win A Game’ or ‘Complete A Set’ most commonly appear everyday. These two objectives yield a high number of coins as well. The daily tasks reset each day at 5 AM ET and gives a pack containing a quicksell item worth up to 50,000 coins.


You will earn MUT coins after tackling and completing objectives in Ultimate Team. Those coins can be turned in for new items and card packs, whether via the store or through the auction house. You can also use points, obtained with real cash, to buy new card packs and items. Some packs can only be purchased with points, which is frustrating, but you can still assemble a quality team without them.

You can also try to auction off characters. You can sell some of your Silvers, Golds or even Elites you do not use to get a good amount of MUT coins. But this is not recommended as players are building up their rosters quickly and you dont want to be left behind. You never know which character you may need.

You can get incredible deals at the auction house, or get completely ripped off. Like any auction house game mechanic, the key to success here is discipline: Don’t chase after the players you want, make smart bids, and walk away the price gets too high. You won’t get every player you want, and progress might come more slowly, but you’ll be using your hard-earned coins well.

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Madden NFL 18: How Dallas Cowboys Evaluate their Own Players’ Rating

There’s many sport events every years, and some of the best athletes show their opinions about their rating in game. WWE 2K happens each year and so 18 does Madden NFL 18. This year it was the Dallas Cowboys to take issue with their rating in Madden NFL 18. Some of the Dallas Cowboys were interviewed about their personal ratings in Madden NFL 18. Now let’s take a look about how they evaluate about their own players’ rating.
 Madden 18: How Dallas Cowboys Evaluate their Own Players' Rating
Dak Prescott was first to be asked about how he felt about his overall 86 rating, and if the 86 rating was fair for the quarterback. Prescott promptly mentioned that the rating wasn’t fair, saying so through a smile, and then he followed it up by saying “but life’s not fair.” True words. He was a little less impressed with his strength rating, though, which is a paltry 73 out of 100. He mentioned that he would have to invite the creators of Madden NFL to come work out with him sometime to prove that his rating deserves to be higher.

Dan Bailey was a little bit hesitant to talk the numbers because he wasn’t sure about his speed rating. Cover4 informed the placekicker for the Cowboys that he only had a speed rating of 67. Through a grin and a shake of the head, Bailey said: ” Yeah…they shortchanged me there.”

Jason Witten of the Cowboys was given a much more appeasing overall rating of 90. The veteran tight end was asked by Cover4 about the overall rating, and he was in a fairly cheery mood, saying that 90 wasn’t that bad and that he would “take it.” Good man. However… he wasn’t too fond of his toughness, which is ranked at 88.

Defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford was also shared his disappointment with his overall 77 score. However, he juxtaposes his disappointment with his overall rating by mentioning that EA Sports updating Madden NFL throughout the season is a good opportunity to prove that he deserves to have a higher overall rating, and he’s going to put in the work on the field to raise the stats. A real hard worker, Crawford is. Unfortunately he wasn’t too pleased about his toughness rating, which was only 80 out of 100. He quipped that he would need to get the creator over to the Cowboys facility so that he could show them toughness. He rounded out his segment by asking: ” Who makes this rating?”

Wide receiver Dez Bryant was asked about his strength and speed ratings, which are 76 and 89 respectively, and he was the first to say that he was mad about the stats. He said his speed should at least be at 90.

Cowboys’ offensive tackle Tyron Smith was asked about his overall 94 rating, and he says it’s fair but does so through a slight wince. He mentions he’s not mad about it, but you could tell there was a bit of a sting there. A 94 sure beats an 86, though. He wasn’t too pleased with his speed, though, which was only 75, and the offensive tackle shook his head with a smile and said: “That’s not right.”

Cowboys’ cornerback, Anthony Brown, was not all too happy about his score, mentioning to the outlet that his rather disappointing 79 overall score was “a little lower than it should be.” He was still all smiles, though, as he mentions that EA Sports updates the ratings after the first week, so he’s keeping his spirits high that the update will raise his overall rating.

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