Bungie’s new community manager helped start and run the Destiny subreddit

Bungie’s new community manager helped start and run the Destiny subreddit.

For one Reddit user, a hobby has turned into a full-time job at the developer of Destiny. Bungie has given the moderator of the Destiny subreddit a job as a community manager, meaning that he will now oversee an even bigger community of Destiny fans.

User Cozmo is the founder of the Destiny subreddit, creating the group when the game only had some leaked concept art. The subreddit now has close to 190,000 subscribers and thousands of people browsing it at any one time.

Bungie has brought Cozmo on to supplement the work done by the current community manager, Deej. In a post on Bungie’s site, Deej explained that the Destiny community has grown too large for one person to manage. “The fact of the matter is that there are too many of you for me to handle alone,” he wrote. “Sure, I have urk [community and marketing relations manager Eric Osborne] to lead the way, but we both get pulled behind the scenes more and more to make sure you’re informed about the next evolution that Bungie will be hurling at you. But what about the front lines?”

As a result, Cozmo will be engaging with the community, most likely through social media channels and in the forums on Bungie’s sites. Deej will still write the Bungie Weekly Updates.

Since he’s now an employee of Bungie, Cozmo is stepping down as moderator of the subreddit.

This is likely a move to prepare for the upcoming release of Destiny’s next expansion, The Taken King. The expansion launches on September 15 and will cost $40.