Nerfs Gjallarhorn; Exotic Weapon Coming Next Week With Destiny

The anticipated “Destiny” 2.0 update turned out to be focused on turning and overhauling the damage and power of existing weapons in Bungie’s title. The weapon changes are a mix of feedback from the community as well as handpicked changes that the developer has decided the game needs.

Bungie detailed all of this in its most recent blog update. Each type of weapon has receive specific tunings. Auto Rifle has been optimized for close and medium-range battles.

A lot of the other rifles have been tweaked. In other tweaking cases for “Destiny” 2.0 update, Bungie aimed to put the guns in a specific place of their own, such as differentiating Scout Rifles and Hand Cannons from each other.

More than the weapons, the Exotic Weapon tuning has received attention from the “Destiny” community. One good thing with “Destiny” 2.0 update is that Necrochasm, which has long been targeted by the community as a weapon whose power is not in proportion to the amount of effort and time devoted to acquiring it, has been improved. Necrochasm now has an increase in stability and magazine size.

Basically, a lot of the exotic weapons will see a downgrade in terms of power and damage, one that fans all around are not taking as well as hoped. Yet among all the exotic weapons that received changes, the Gjallarhorn received the mixed to worst reception.