Destiny share the new PS4 bundle including the expansion now available

A new PlayStation 4 (PS4) bundle prominently featuring the “The Taken King” expansion for “Destiny” and having the expansion itself is now available. As of now, players can already start pre-ordering the new bundle for the price of $399.99.

The entire bundle includes a bunch of goodies for avid “Destiny” fans.

Starting off, the bundle will, of course, have a physical copy of the Limited Edition of “The Taken King” expansion itself. It is worth noting that the expansion, if bought on its own, will cost gamers $59.99, although it does already have the game itself as well as the two earlier expansions that were released for “Destiny.”

Also included in the bundle are the pieces of hardware that prominently display “The Taken King” theme. One of these is a 500GB white PS4 that features an illustration of “Destiny’s” map along with the Golden Guardian brand, according to Polygon. Rounding out the hardware package is a white controller to follow the “The Taken King” theme.

Also featured in “The Taken King” bundle for “Destiny” is a token for an upgrade to the Collector’s Edition of “The Taken King,” which has a digital version that is currently selling for $79.99.

“The Taken King” expansion will be released on Sept. 15.

In related news, video game developer Bungie, Inc. has chosen to ban hundreds of players from the game’s online multiplayer mode for manipulating network traffic, according to Gamespot.

For those who may not know, manipulating network traffic can lead to other players having to endure a poor gaming experience while playing “Destiny.” It can also lead to the erring players gaining an unfair advantage over their inconvenienced foes.

Aside from banning the players found guilty of manipulating network traffic, Bungie also reminded players that they can use the game’s in-game reporting tools to point out any untoward behavior from fellow “Destiny” enthusiasts.