‘Destiny’ – The Taken King screenshots from gamescom

Look, I have no idea how many of these Destiny: The Taken King gamescom screenshots are new. All I know is it took over two hours to download them, so please humor me and have a look at them.


And honestly? I don’t give a flying rabbit if they are new or not, so if you see one that’s familiar, well, so be it. Why did it take me so long you ask? Because each image was 7680×4320 and my poor PC is on it’s deathbed. Don’t even get me started on my download speed.

Anyway, the shots below show Dreadnaught, Caydes Stash, Bannerfall, Crossroads, “The Coming War”, and some armor.

There’s been a ton of Destiny news lately, so I won’t bore you with a recap. Instead, here are some inks:

  • Is Bungie working on a Destiny version for PC?
  • Destiny The Taken King – all copies come with a character boost, new trailer
  • Destiny players have logged 2B hours to date
  • Destiny: The Taken King ditches light levels for pure XP system
  • Destiny, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm earned over $1.25B in combined revenue
  • Destiny: your Ghost will be voiced by Uncharted’s Nolan North in The Taken King
  • Destiny: you can’t upgrade Year One Legendaries in The Taken King
  • Other news items on the game as well as The Taken King can be found through the page hub.