NBA 2K17 Update & Patch 1.06: Some Improvements For Visual And Gameplay

In this week, NBA 2K17 patch 1.06 was recently released by 2K, it majorly targated at for Xbox One (2.6 GB) as well as PlayStation 4 (7.04 GB), additionally, on these gaming platforms are selling cheap NBA 2K17 MT. And moreover, it’s said to that the patch is available immediately. Regarding this update details, and it focuses on gameplay improvements.


In particular, with respect to MyPark bugs has been fixed apart from the MyPark’s After Dark. According to related latest news, it will begins this weekend. Among of many things, Fast steals from inbound plays and back dump dribbles that have enhanced this latest 1.02 update, it aim to make the game more realistic.

Other gameplay fixes that were included is increasing the speed in which the CPU gets into their offensive sets and running plays. No sense for the AI taking 10-15 to get setup, only to force a rushed shot as the shot clock runs down. Besides the fixes mentioned, it seemed that everything else is cosmetic as the look of the game was the key to this recent update. “Broadcast Stadium” cameras were adjusted for the Bucks, Mavericks, Kings and Clippers. In a sense, before any gameplay was released, for most of fanatic players, they have been stared at cheap MT such as cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4 for a long time.

Packed in the latest NBA 2K17 Patch 1.02 the Hornets will now have their correct court projection during the pre-game presentation. Indefinite simulating screen was fixed that would occur when “My Player” retired after the completion of his 20-year My CAREER.

A hang was also fixed that would occur in “My GM/My League” when attempting to enter the Staff signing experience when the team had no assistant coach (retired) and an expired head coach. Addressed an issue in My GM/My League where a league filled with “Classic and European League” teams would sometimes hang late in the season when simulating.

As regards this update, meanwhile, it can also enhances the “Broadcast Stadium” cameras for Bucks, Kings as well as Mavericks. Updated cameras also can zoom out more in transition as well as have a wider range of zoom and height adjustment settings. In the game, some major update and improvements with the latest Patch 1.02 have been revealed, and regarding all patch fixes, it will work in your existing game mode. Aside from patch fixes, and in order to successfully experience so fun gameplay, players have been busy with buying NBA 2K17 MT PC.