Albion Safe And Risky Zones: Higher Tier Has More Resources

Albion Online map was divided into distinct different zones, to name a few, black, red, green, yellow, each color signifying the level of PvP allowed within that area. Green zones are completely safe, Yellow has limited PvP, anyone can fight anyone within the Red and Black zones, and any player can loot the gear, items and mounts from anyone they kill within these two zones.


Even if Tier II as well as III resources are common in the green and yellow zones, nonetheless, gamers must be faced with risk from red as well as black zones, in black, higher tier resources is likely to be more sufficient, however, your haul might be in a serious danger, since any passing have the opportunity to kill you, and then take all your gear and resources.

PVP is a major focus, and in the Red and Black zones, one should always be aware that a hostile could be be just off screen. However, it is possible to enjoy the game with minimal PVP action, as Albion provides plenty of ways to earn a decent living without constantly battling other players. More easily ways to get cheap albion online gold in u4gm, u4gm can meet your any needs.

Albion Online will officially launch on July 17, 2017. The biggest content update thus far, called “Galahad” was launched final beta on March 13, bringing with it a wipe, implementing new content and improvements. More Albion Online latest release progress, you can be found more here: