Galahad Changes: Guild Quality Of Life Changes And Open World GvG

Galahad brings a brand new world layout, and any aspect was changed, more details and you can keep a close eye on, here are latest news and guides.


Improving the Value of Watchtower Territories and providing open world GvG
Albion Online developers are considering to implement post-release is to replace watchtower territories with something much more meaningful. These territories would not be protected by an energy barrier, nonetheless, it would be protected by guards belonging to the guild who owns the territory, and which contains a large concentration of resources. The resource nodes inside the territory however will follow their own spawn logic, such that we can also have special spawn events at specific times where.

This, in turn, provides an incentive for other guilds to raid the territories, killing the guards and mining the resources before the owning guilds gets a chance to do it, providing a constant stream of open world GvG opportunities. Of course, actually conquering the territory – and thus getting access to the chest and control of the guards – will still be done in a 5v5 GvG fight.

Guild Quality Of Life Changes
tiered guild wallet
improved guild message of the day feature
transactions logs and asset overview banks
more detailed activity logs on guild members
banks with configurable tabs, and a guild bank
customizable guild rights and role management
support for internal guild currency. Award “guild coins” to your members based on their contribution to the guild, and set up a reward store using these guild coins.
crafting orders (place an order at the crafter building and leave the ingredients there, possibly set a reward. Crafter can come by later, craft the item for you, and you pick it up later)

Lots of Balancing, Polishing, Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements
Albion Online is getting close to released, according to the the developers of Albion point out that they will pay more attention to these aspect, and of course, including the following further balancing of the destiny board as well as progression speed as well as combat/item balancing. Now that gamers are considering about how to get cheap albion online gold in advance.