Mu Legend: Designs Of Characters, Monsters, Maps Are More Authentic

Now, the graphics of Mu Legend have been pushed up a lot better, designs of characters, monsters, maps are sharper and more authentic. The dark, dark style still surrounds the MU Legend, almost all maps in the game are dark, with no sunlight. By the way, Mu Legend Zen play a vital role in the game.


MU Legend’s style of play seems to be rather complex, but when it comes to playing, the attack in the game is a lot simpler, and mostly the player will just control the character and then attack the monster. The game does not currently have auto-typing and does not appear to be up to date. More tricks, tips, guides and more, you can head over to here:

MU Legend is a story of 1000 years before the world MU Online form. Through playing the MU Legend, players will be able to find out why Kundun was revived as Lord of Darkness. Icarus can not stop the resurrection of Kundun. To solve this problem, he sent a hero about the past. Throughout the air, the main character accidentally lost all memory. To regain the lost memory, the player must overcome many hardships and obstacles.

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