Marvelous Screenshots For Final Fantasy XIV Forthcoming Stormblood

The second expansion Stormblood is a big deal for the Final Fantasy XIV community, it is set to launch on PlayStation 4, PC and Mac on June 20. It contains new missions, jobs, and areas and a heap of new content. Along with a new raid, a level cap increase, and the ability to swim. Have you ever made preparation to buy FFXIV Power Leveling?

Stormblood is just over a month away from its officially release. According to FFXIV4GIL:, today, we shared some fantastic screenshots, now let’s take a closer at those screenshots.

And here’s a bard action screenshot during sunset in the Azim Steppe.


The morning sunrise at the Ruby Sea was beautiful, so here’s one with dragon.


Here’s a screenshot of Kugane during nighttime while doing various final checks on samurai.


And here’s a screenshot of the new black mage action which I took using the new group pose feature.


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