TESO Guide On The New PvP Mode In Morrowind – Battlegrounds

The Morrowind addon for The Elder Scrolls Online finally gives us structured PvP in arenas. The so-called battlegrounds stand out strongly from the previous open PvP in ESO.

Who knows The Elder Scrolls Online knows that ZeniMax ‘online role playing game has only one PvP mode: the mass strikes of the three Alliances around the central Cyrodiil. Hundreds of players are struggling for supremacy, and sometimes they provide strong sieges.

However, if you are less keen on such giant battles and instead just want to play a few heartfelt PvP rounds, you have been looking into the tube in ESO. But the newly announced ESO-Addon Morrowind brings fresh air into the PvP with the battlegrounds!


The new PvP mode of the battlegrounds offers us three PvP arenas in which we fight for the predominance in about 15 minutes long matches. Ideal for fans of entertaining battles against other players. As usual in ESO, there are three teams. Thus, the games always remain fair, as a superior team can never fully exploit their strength in a three-point constellation and thus also inferior teams have a just chance.

The PvP teams do not coincide with the alliances from the Cyrodiil PvP. Thus, the game ensures that there are always enough players, and the pool of candidates is not artificially narrowed by fractional force.

Each team consists of four players, and as in the dungeons in ESO, we have to work together optimally. Usually as a team of healers, two damage distributors and a tank, which also uses control skills to describe the course of the battle and act as a tactician. But what do we actually have to do on the battlegrounds?

At the start of Morrowind we get three PvP battlefields, all of which are on the new island of Vvardenfell, but are visited in the game via a special PvP browser.

Once on the battlegrounds, depending on the game mode, it is a matter of killing as many enemies as possible in the Team Deathmatch up to the end of the round, thereby losing as little casualties as possible or retrieving coveted scrolls (the “Elder Scrolls”) Into their own base.

While in Team Deathmatch mode, kills give points properly, they are less relevant in the “Capture-The-Flag” variant. It is much more a question of capturing the mission targets than shooting them. In addition to the game mode, the chosen map also determines our playing style. ESO offers three of them in the Morrowind add-on, and later, more cards will be added.

The cards differ primarily in whether the enemy can be quickly targeted or whether there are many cover possibilities. On a map we fight in Foyada Quarry of the Vvardenfell volcano. This map is therefore very spacious and open, which brings great advantages to distance fighters. Another battleground Ald Carac lies in ancient Dwarven ruins. The map is very vertical and offers a good mixture of close-up and long-distance combat.

The last map is Ularra in a gloomy Daedric ruin, in the middle of which is a strongly contested tower. There should probably be hard fighting on short distances. After each game, there are experience points, gold and PvP rewards. But only if we remain in the game until the bitter end. Premature leaving is punished with complete prey withdrawal! The best players are allowed to perpetuate themselves in ranklists.

Morrowind is here on The Elder Scrolls Online! Just fill your bank with enough money and get the necessary weapons and gears to benefit the most from Elder Scrolls Online.  Make sure to gather enough ESO gold to enjoy yourself in the new content. If you are in lack of ESO gold, you can buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD.