FFXIV Dad Of Light Manages To Be An Earnestly Sweet Show

In Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light, it mainly introduce a father and a son, the son desperately trying to grow closer to a parent. The son in the game was called Akio, Akio too is more friendly and open in this virtual setting like his father is. By playing the game, is probably the only way to get close his father, he wants to share the world he loves with him. For additional information you can check out more here.

Final Fantasy XIV

Akio has a bustling social life. He has friends of all sorts, buddies who are willing to help him mend his relationship with his father. They’re all anonymous, of course, but they’re real human beings from all around that care all the same. Yet Akio has a secretive plan tied to it. In the game as his anonymous avatar Maidy, he befriends his father’s in-game character. He doesn’t know anything about baseball, or women, or anything really. Much like his father, he’s relatively clueless.

Akio is your typical salaryman in Japan. He works as a sales representative, but he’s far more shy than most of his colleagues. One of friendliness, one of newfound excitement to explore the world and overcome challenges. Dad of Light manages to be an earnestly sweet show, proudly displaying the bonds we grow not only with video games, but within them too. Especially MMOs, can feel so freeing for players, as seen for both the father and son in Dad of Light.

Akio has a personal quest he formed alongside his in-game comrades: they will accompany his father through the game, culminating in beating the game’s hardest boss and Akio then revealing his identity. Through the game, he hopes to forge a bond with the father he never really knew. Akio was an eccentric, lively character, emoting flexes and excitedly introducing himself. Players are crazy about buying FFXIV Power Leveling from FFXIV4GIL.