Do You Want To Know PoE 3.2.0 Unique Item Concept Art

In Path of Exile, GGG has been working hard to provide players with a quality gaming experience. Recently, GGG shared concept art from several upcoming unique poe items from 3.2.0, because players are eager to know its details! Let’s take a look at these concept art of unique items.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Wow, is looks so wonderful that I am excited. Let’s take a look at the players’ opinions:

1) I wonder if someday we gonna get a area underwater. Stranger creatures from the depths, corals, some fish passing through, ancient ships with treasures and of course a op boss to protect it, and a lot of other things lol, that’s all because the helmet in the preview make me think about it.

2) The helm and wand looks cool. The metal spiked helmet looks freakin cool. I hope for new hipsterbuild-enabling uniques with cool mechanics (like Eye of Innocence).

3) An underwater section (especially using the amazing light refraction effect from a recent news post) could be gorgeous. Would love some maps under the sea, though I’d be curious how they’d make it consistent with lore.

4) “Content Update 3.2.0”? Weren’t we supposed to go back to content updates every two leagues release schedule? Also, that first tentacle armor looks like new Elder Unique. Potential drop from not avaiable yet Final Uber Elder fight?

5) Second one looks like Barry the Chopper from FMA. Let’s hope they have 3d art.

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