Are You Excited With PoE New Divination Cards

In Path of Exile, alongside the Bestiary Challenge League, Content Update 3.2.0 also introduces 9 new Divination Cards. Among other things, many of these cards redeem for Breach-related poe items! Let’s take a look at these Divination Cards.

Path of Exile
Divination Cards
Divination Cards

How do the players view these Divination Cards? Let’s take a look at their different perspectives:

1) The stance on Divination cards went from “Restricted to only items obtainable by a regular drop.” to “As long as it’s obtainable in some way it’s okay.” And now to “Hahahaha rules, good one”. Well, the signature items the masters sell themselves are even more meaningless then now. Besides that I like the addtition, Elreon mod has always been good and with Shaper/Elder stuff in the game there is no reason to lock it down to i59 anymore.

2) More cards you will never collect a full set. How about fixing the div card system before adding more. So for the whole “Breach item” thing, is that only the un-upgraded items, or can that drop the upgraded version also? e.g. can it drop Xoph’s Blood, or just Xoph’s Heart?

3) These are all pretty crazy. I question the need for starforge to be on a card especially uncorrupted but I guess someone paid for it. The elreon ilvl85 card has some insane potential. Don’t forget in bestiary you can make an imprint of a magic item, so crafting a steel/opal with this mod will be doable.

4) GGG never tells you where your unique item/ divination card will drop, since they think it’s an ingame advantage to the creator, which they consider pay to win.

5) Balefire is great as an early league starter, since it gives you linked chest level damage without needing to go through the RNG of finding/linking a chest. But it being corrupted means without Vorici 8 for the first weeks/months of the league (depending on if you’re SSF), each turn-in has very low chances of the right link + socket color setup. So for each turn-in there may be only a 5% chance that you’ll get a usable result which is sort of annoying if the card isn’t super common.

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