How To Make Coins on FIFA 22 Using Shadow Method

Selling players with shadow chemistry styles for FIFA 22 coins. Like for many other methods, there are also multiple ways to do it. These are my Top 2:

  1. Sniping/bidding on players one by one
    step 1: find a defender/ midfielder card (between ~2k30k coins depending on your budget)
    step 2: look up what’s the lowest price of the base card on the market
    step 3: look up what’s the current lowest BIN of the card with a shadow applied
    step 4: set up a sniping filter ~15% under the price of the player with a shadow
    if this price would be under the lowest BIN of the player’s base card it’s not worth it, go back to step 1
    step 5: snipe the player with a shadow for the suggested price
    step 6: list the card up for ~5% under the current lowest BIN to guarantee a quick sale
  2. 59th-minute filter
    step 1: write down a list of at least 10 defenders/midfielders (between ~2k30k depending on your budget)
    step 2: go on the transfer market and add a bunch of their cards with a shadow applied to your watch list during the day
    step 3: let them expire and note at which prices which cards (with shadow) sold
    step 4: set up a filter like the one shown in the picture below and go to the 59th minute
    step 5: pick up as many deals as you can find (a deal would be 10% under the average sell price of a card which you know from the data you gathered)

Don’t worry if it’s hard to identify the deals at first but the more you use this method, the more sell prices you will remember!

Shadow Method

Ideally, you can combine this method with the position change method any position change adds value!

Why does it work?
There are multiple reasons:
every consumable card also has a certain market value
people (who sell) list their cards with a shadow for the same price as the base card
people (who buy) are too lazy to apply shadow by themself so they pay extra
for some cards shadow would be more expensive to buy than buying the card with a shadow
the cards are more rare on the market making them more appealing to buyers