Most Deserving PINK DIAMOND Players in 2K23 MyTeam – 2

In the previous article, we showed the rankings of PINK DIAMOND players 10-6 and why they were chosen. Here we will continue to introduce the remaining players. As the ranking values change, the players will get better and better.

  1. Cameron Reddish – SF/SG – 95 OVR

Judging from the data of this card alone, this is a very good shooting guard, and the offensive end is his advantage. He’s got a 93 ball, 93 speed, 93 acceleration good at going to the basket, with a 95 driving dunk and a 92 vertical. He’s also got HoF Limitless takeoff, posterizer, catch and shoot, and Corner specialist. On defense, he’s a very solid Defender as well but mainly wants to use his card for the offense having a pretty solid release and some decent triple six being a six-foot-eight shooting guard.

  1. Dino Radja – C/PF – 95 OVR

His ability to play that power forward and Center position at such a high level, and his Wingspan is longer than his height, makes him a top 405 pink Diamond card in the game. He gets crazy good block animations and plays a really good defensive game with a 90 block, not into your defense, also having an 85 steal and 84 perimeters.

His jump shot is pretty good, too, he has the Donovan Mitchell base, and his jump shot is pretty good, and his sigs are very elite for your power forward or Center.

  1. Tim Thomas – PF/SF – 96 OVR

Elite small forward, although this player has 28 gold badges, fortunately, he still has 8 HoF badges, which makes the gap between him and other players smaller. He has a big badge count for coming out back In November. This card still has the excellent off-the-dribble ability and a jump shot.

  1. Luke Walton – SG/PG – 96 OVR

Luke Walton, I think he’s an absolute monster at point guard. He’s six foot eight with a six foot eight wingspan. He’s realistically a top-five point guard in the game. He’s going to play very good defense with a 92 steal, 94 louder, quickness perimeter. He’s got a 92-ball handle 94-speed ball, really good for a six-foot-eight-point guard. His jumper bases are Marcus Pfizer, very good, one of the most underrated bases in the game, plus his upper is really good.

  1. Taco Fall – PF – 95 OVR

He has one of the better player models in the game, maybe even the best player model. He will play the best defense with 98 blocks and 92 interiors. What is amazing is his 64-speed. In the game, it gives the feeling of speed, and Acceleration is more like 80 and 85. He feels like most Dark Matters and Opals, flying up and down the field. He’s got a good jump shot, it’s easy to score when you’re wide open, and he can play well on defense, the best PINK DIAMOND player.

These player cards are relatively easy to obtain in MyTeam, and you only need a small amount of NBA 2K23 MT to get them in the auction house.

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