EA Sports gives its FIFA, NBA, and Madden titles Halloween updates

In time for Halloween, EA Sports will probably be spooking up its mobile sports titles, including FIFA Mobile, NBA LIVE Mobile, and Madden Mobile with special Halloween-themed bonuses. While FIFA Mobile could possibly get the Scream Team Halloween Program, Madden Mobile should have players morph into “super-performers” over the Halloween weekend, and NBA LIVE Mobile can get new sets which allow players to earn new characters hanging around.

EA has given special awareness of the Scream Team program for FIFA Mobile, that has been live since October 18. During Scream Team, several special Halloween Live and Flash Events will probably be held, where players can earn Tokens or Halloween-themed Players make use of in completing Scream Team Plans.There are eight of these, with each offers the possible opportunity to unlock as much as five special Elite Player items, for example treat for trick along with the master elite player plan.

If you could have Halloween-themed players on your own team, you will notice a huge improvement into their overall rating in FIFA Mobile during October 28 and November 1, that is when their stats will return back for their original rating.

All three games can be purchased on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can learn more about them on EA Sports’ official website.

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