Mu Legend Will Let Gamers Relive The Glory Days

Mu Legend is the successor to Mu Online, gamers hope Mu Legend will let them relive the glory days of hardcore Mu. Mu Legend is a product of the times, a casual ARPG that most Westerners will play for a bit and think about in rare moments. They feels a sense of entertaining in the course of gaming.

Mu Legend

In Mu Legend, and includes four classes. A fifth one is the Emphasizer. What’s more, classes are gender locked. Click out of here if you want to learn details. Actually, no matter what class you pick the game plays out the same. You run through hallway maps, some of which are very nice looking-sending mobs flying like crash test dummies, completing kill quests.

Each class has 7 skills to rotate through, the tutorial starts you off with a full hot-bar to let you test your button mashing finesse. My War Mage’s Fire Clutch creates a tiny imploding sun sitting atop indecipherable runes. It only lasts for a moment but I appreciate the attention to detail. And skills have gusto behind them thanks to the soundwork: each explosion gives off heat and some bass.

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