The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Is On Test

In 2002 “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind” mixed PC and Xbox. Now, 15 years later, the “Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” is back on the volcano island of Vvardenfell. The add-on is surprising, even if Morrowind in Elder scrolls titles is not a rime. “Morrowind” offers not only veteranan hours of new playing fun, but also invites beginners into the world without any major problems.

The reason is that you do not have to play the basic game (as) with other add-ons to play “Morrowind”. If you are on other extensions with a level-1 character without a chance and must first level decently, one can “Morrowind” right from the beginning also as a beginner.


When you make your character, you can make do with dozens of customization options, create elegant or unusual characters. Then it is already going with the title, when our figure with his ship before Vvardenfell capsizes. What makes the beginners happy and veterans not too annoying: Here is an extremely detailed tutorial. This is entertaining, and when it comes to control, combat and skills, it will not be so boring.

Great Fantasy Story

The legendary warrior poet and guardian of Vvardenfell, Vivec, suffers from a mysterious illness. In the role of the hero, therefore, we must overrun our armor, and seek refuge through volcanic ash and majestic cities, to save the guardians of the island from a deadly threat. If we can not do this, a gigantic rock threatens to wipe out all life on Vvardenfell, as does the threatening volcano of the island.

Even warriors with fast gameplay will need a good twelve hours to fight through “Morrowind” – and only through the main quests. The add-on is therefore not small. In doing so, the secondary tasks make a good mood: anyone who has a nose full of battles can do almost anything – sit with a book in the library, become a gardener or try to be a judge in the jurisprudence. The freedoms in the gameplay increase “Morrowind” compared to other “Elder Scrolls” titles once again tremendously.


New Hero Comes

“Morrowind” introduces the new class Wardens to the four classes Dragon Knight, Night Blade, Templar and Wizard. This is a mix of abilities, which can be expanded as druids, frostmakers or rangers. Particularly interesting is the way of the “animal whisperer”, with which one can call itself a war bear into the fight. What is striking however: The current “Morrowind” world is mainly populated by the new class.

In graphics and sound, the whole work was done. The world is presented in typical “Elder Scrolls”, but details look sharper and more elaborate than in the main game. Musically it is very atmospheric and the language output sounds great. Those who know the original “Morrowind” will also be happy about the surroundings. Since the original title will be played several hundred years in the future by the current add-on, the cities and streets that can be visited in the old title are being built here.

Conclusion: Innovations

“Morrowind” introduces some innovations, but remains true to the proven concept. One of the great new features is the “Battleground” mode, in which PvP battles take place in locked arenas. Three teams with four players match “Deathmatch”, “Capture the Flag” or “Domination”. However, whoever is new to “Morrowind” will get a decent look at the helmet. Fun is the new arena fight anyway.

Apart from that, there is again a lot of fun in a huge world of rolling games, where fans of the genre never get bored. While veterans find strong challenges here, especially the beginners-friendly design of the game is worth mentioning. Overall, “Morrowind” looks like a completely separate game and by no means as a cheap add-on. And in this we will still be able to plunge for hours.

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