My Thoughts And Suggestions Of PoE Bestiary

In Path of Exile, I’ve been playing Bestiary for the past month, a few hours a day or so, I often buy poe orbs cheap when I have no time, and I want to share my thoughts on this league, and offer some suggestions. Welcome more suggestions.

1. Portal reward

Cool reward. Worth the grind. The only annoying thing about it is how bright it is. I had to set lighting settings to low to remove the bright green light from it. It looks so much better without it. I wish that a variant, without the green light, was added to the game, so that I didn’t have to mess with lighting settings.

Path of Exile

2. Uber Elder

That’s all I’ve been farming lately. The only bad part is the process of acquiring Shaper’s Memory Fragments. I personally got lucky, and didn’t have to spend that much time collecting them, but a lot of people do. It’s a real shame that you could potentially spend an entire league running Elder and not find the required fragments.

3. Bestiary Capturing and Crafting System

Great concept. Bad implementation. Very poorly thought through, and built. I really hope that you guys fixed what led you to create this mess.

4. Menagerie

This whole zone is completely pointless. Guys, this isn’t an RPG game. I don’t want to own a fucking zoo. I also don’t want to fight monsters I already fought and captured. The only thing missing is animal feed. And if you don’t feed your animals regularly, they start dying.

5. Completing Bestiary

There are no incentives to try and complete your bestiary, aside from it being one of the challenges. I think that it should be tied to bestiary crafting in some way, sort of like the way atlas map completion is tied to map drops. Make it increase your crafting odds, and perhaps upgrade rolls to a higher tier.

6. Capturing Mechanic

It just doesn’t fit the way most people play ARPGs. You have to stop, find the monster in a crowd, lower its hp without killing it, net it, finish it off. It requires too much work and focus. Not to mention the need to carry nets. Here is what I suggest:

7. Remove nets, and the netting system altogether.

When you take a bestiary mob low enough, it becomes passive, and clickable, with perhaps some kind of vibrating aura around it, for visibility. When you click on it, a bunch of loot drops on the ground, and the beast is added to your collection.

8. Unlocking Recipes

Some recipes take too long to unlock. I’ve been playing a few hours a day for a month and I still haven’t unlocked all of the recipes. And the ones that i haven’t unlocked are the ones I’ve actually been looking forward to using. Very disappointing, considering that I’m about done with this league.

I really hope that you guys rework the mechanics and add Bestiary to core game. The potential is huge here. Finally, good luck to you, we will update the news about Path of Exile in real time, if you don’t want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, please buy poe orbs on