Poe 3.6 melee Frost Blades Builds for Champion

POE Frost Blades can be a cold melee assault skill that strikes with greater selection, then has the secondary result of releasing projectiles through the struck enemies.
An attack with Frost Blades includes two parts:
A preliminary melee hit using the key terms Cold, Assault, Melee
A projectile assault using the key phrases Cold, Attack, Projectile
When an enemy is hit by this skill, several homing projectiles fly out from behind the enemy and target close by enemies. This skill increases the melee array by an appreciable degree. Unlike Lightning Strike, in the event the initial attack isn’t going to hit an enemy, then no projectiles are released.
The projectiles have the same damage multiplier because the preliminary melee hit, with all the similar cold harm conversion. However the preliminary melee attack scales with melee injury modifiers (for instance Melee Bodily Harm), whereas the projectiles scale with projectile injury modifiers. The two parts scale equally with (unspecified) attack, bodily, and cold damage modifiers.

[Poe Champion Build] Frosty Duelist – Dual Wielding Frost Blades

Levelling is straightforward, you receive frost blades in act1 and from you’ll find progressing your build. With this build I have finished all 40 issues in each of Harbinger, Abyss, Bestiary, Incursion and Betrayal leagues. Uber lab is straightforward and may do a total celebration carry at substantial levels. Atziri just isn’t challenging but requires care mainly because of reflect. None of the Guardians or other map bosses really are a challenge.

What’s NEW FOR 3.6 Up to now
Hatred – Quite rough calculations would seem like a buff (about 11% far more harm)
Tombfist acquired nerfed but nonetheless very best in a slot (about 3% less injury) and Abyss isn’t a Zana mod so they can be likely to be costly yet again :(. Having said that,
Providing on the serpent gloves – Offers a significant drop in dps but overreach is additionally very powerful, definitely something to think about
Loreweave has max resists of 78% so we take 10% additional elemental harm 🙁
Circle of regret rings could be well worth a seem depending on variations
Implicit/Enchants – There’s a pair of boots proven with ‘onslaught’ as an enchantment or implicit, dependent on how prevalent it can be, what else it impacts and so on it might be worth undertaking and use a stygian vise in lieu of perseverance (must wait and see)
Summon Phantasm on Destroy – very minor but now has the ability to make phantasms on hitting an unusual or unique. Linking to the herald of purity means the minions can summon minions. All of which do incredibly minor damage 🙂 but could be a bit additional meat shield – could be worth taking part in with
Power Leech help – with bloodrage we will be leeching our tiny power shield continuous but the additional damage doesn’t seem superior to what we have to provide up (except ruthless but that is definitely essential for a red socket to gem swap). Useful if stuck with blue socket even though?
the wave of conviction – we’ve got winter spirit and get 40% cold conversion its almost certainly not definitely worth the energy but planning to perform with it and consider it with cwdt to have publicity (which also won’t stack with frost bomb)
Varunastra – Perandus is not a Zana mod so is very likely to become highly-priced and almost certainly not a great league starter

POB Website link
You will need Path of Building, particularly for finish game weapons and use Poe Currency Exchange. Please never just grab the POB link and go! What’s greatest in the slot and why it is actually made use of is explained while in the guidebook.
use “is shocked” for the yoke of struggling in POB’s configuration tab.
POB puts it at 50% (the max for shock), when it can be definitely 0 on first hit then 20-50% dependant on simply how much damage the hit does. So the actuality is significantly less injury than what POB demonstrates
Swords – https://pastebin.com/vnQG7SJf
Claws – https://pastebin.com/EdLAKgEk
Varunastra – https://pastebin.com/1njfyC5S

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[Poe Champion Build] Low cost Enjoyable Guy Mode 2H Frost blades Voidforge Champion 3M DPS

Don’t use Taste of Dislike with Smart oak, it messes together with your resistances, producing unbalance.
Maintaining your resistances balanced is amongst the core items from the build for both dps and defense.
Your gloves are excellent total, to the substantial accuracy on em appears like a waste tbh as champion.
I would check out to acquire similar ones with flat Phys on, possibly somewhat much more existence and assault velocity.
Consider acquiring the penetration enchant about the boots.
Bless your Mark on the elder to 4-14.
You are able to buy a lvl 21 frost blades cheap, the good quality is ineffective.

Obtain 100% of Weapon Physical Injury as Additional fire Harm
Acquire 100% of Weapon Bodily Damage as Extra cold Harm
Obtain 100% of Weapon Bodily Injury as Additional lightning Damage

Main: Soul of Lunaris
Small: the one you like, Soul of Yugol for Uber Atziri.
Soul of Ryslatha or Garukhan is the most helpful ones i guess.

+ Low-priced
+ Fun
+ Decently tanky
+ Okay map clear
+ Wonderful boss killer

– Gem-swapping for ST(only 1 gem)
– Resistance balancing can be irritating

Pob link

Skill Tree:

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