Forza Horizon 4 latest update will bring benefits to casual gamers

Forza Horizon 4 has been around for a while, due to the launch of the new season tournament reward mechanism: 50% and 100%, which caused a lot of players’ dissatisfaction, some players did not have enough time to complete the 100% reward. I think this is not fair to them.

Due to the large number of players in this situation, the problem of response is also prominent. In the past few days, the developer released a patch that reduced the requirement for top rewards in the holiday playlist, from 100% to 80%, repairing Further edit the songs required by ESRB by using some credit holes when using the route blueprint.

For casual gamers, this patch is undoubtedly a good news. Although it is only 20% lower in terms of data, there are many players who can’t complete it for various reasons, so they can’t get the top reward.

Through this patch update, it can be seen that developers still pay more attention to the opinions of the players. Just like many players complained about the problem of multiplayer online games last time, the developers also fixed it in the last update, which can make more The interaction of people in the open world of Forza Horizon 4 is the original intention of game publishers.

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