FIFA 20 Defending Deep to Counter Teams With Pace

This is mainly set-up using custom tactics, but there are other ways to sit deep, which we will mention. Using the techniques below will help you out:
Use the d-pad to put ultra-defensive on as your tactics rather than balanced. This will stop the full-backs bombing on and keep your defense sitting deep rather than trying to pressure the ball. We’re personally not a massive fan of this, but towards the later parts of games, it can be a very effective way to close a game out, particularly if people have thrown caution to the wind towards the latter stages of a match like FUT weekend games. Combine with dynamic tactics from our Tactical Guide to get the most from this setting.

Use the default tactics on the d-pad (press down then up)
This is an expeditious way to get your team sitting a little deeper and playing on the counter-attack yourself (fight fire-with-fire). If you combine this with putting one defensive bar on, using the d-pad also (one flick to the left), then it can be very, very useful.

Don’t use the 1-2’s
Don’t use the 1-2 pass anytime with your defense or midfielders if you want to stay rooted. This will leave huge gaps if you play a poor pass or the opposition intercept the ball. By doing this, it will enable your defenders and midfielders to keep their shape stable and make you less vulnerable to the counter-attack.

Lay off the secondary contain
Although this is one of our preferred ways of defending. If you want to defend deep. Then you want to invite the opposition onto you, and this can’t be achieved by holding secondary contain as you won’t have full control over your players’ positions. FIFA 20 Coins Online Seller suggest that rather than holding secondary include, you utilize the jockey. This allows you to close off passing angles and lanes all while not pressing up too high to enable attackers space in behind for the dangerous lobbed through ball or ground pass through balls. This is even more of a crucial tip with how effective both normal through balls and threaded through balls are this year.

If you do want to secondary contain then make sure to read the tip below:
The critical thing to do here is, as you’re holding secondary contain, make sure your CB’s or FB’s aren’t the ones coming towards the ball. This is only going to cause gaps in your defensive line. If you do see them start to step out then immediately let go of the button, but, be warned, it could be too late. Especially against high-level players who will be looking at your players’ movements, waiting for such a mistake.