The truth behind Escape from Tarkov’s skyrocketing popularity

Escape from Tarkov has been viral recently, even with the momentum of super PUBG. As an “old game” launched in July 2017, why has it suddenly become the most popular game recently?

Escape from Tarkov has been available in early access since 2016, slowly amassing players, but since its release, it’s only been open for pre-order from the game’s official site.

The survival shooter has exploded in popularity recently, having received a major update in October 2019, which introduced Hideouts as well as several new items and bug fixes and briefly became the most viewed game on Twitch thanks, in part, to some prominent streamers picking it up over the holidays.

Escape from Tarkov has a high degree of freedom. Different from the monotonous and repeated PUBG gameplay: killing everyone except teammates to win, EFT only requires players to evacuate within a specified time. However, if you think this is a simple parkour game, it is wrong. The high degree of freedom of the game gives players a lot of room to play. You can choose to kill a few more people before evacuating, or you can choose to search for things everywhere. Take out. How to make your evacuation more exciting depends on you.

EFT’s gun model is great, more realistic than the guns in most games, especially the sighting equipment, which restores the sight of the sight, and there are actions such as checking ammunition and ejecting bullets. The assembly of the gun’s parts is also different. You can spend some time researching, modifying your personalized weapon, and adding fun to the game. Also, the gun has durability. This design is closer to reality. If the strength of the gun is reduced below a certain level, a jamming phenomenon may occur when you shoot, which is very deadly when fighting. Yes, it also shows that this game is authentic.

Escape from Tarkov’s backpack system is also a significant feature of the game. Unlike some other shooting games, regardless of the size of the backpack, everything can be loaded. EFT’s bag has a very detailed division, divided explicitly into tactical vests and backpacks, of which tactical vests are used to hold magazines and grenades. If you put magazines and weapons in the bag, you cannot replace them and use them at will. The enemy will likely kill for this reason.

Finally, the most exciting aspect of EFT is that other people’s equipment can be picked up by the player and taken out of the battlefield. If you accidentally kill the enemy in the game, after death, if the equipment is picked up by others and taken out of the evacuation point, it will be the weapons you pick up will no longer belong to you. In this way, there will be two situations: 1. Your equipment is right, but the other party accidentally kills you. You can only watch someone take your computer and evacuate it safely; 2. Your material is inferior, but through some tricks or traps, killed a well-equipped player, and stuffed his equipment into the bag to take out the evacuation point, so that all his things are yours.

If you do not want to lose your valuables, you can buy insurance before entering the game, but this cannot guarantee 100% safety. If no one can bring your equipment out of the map before the end of the battle, equipment Will return to you within 1-3 days, but if the other party safely evacuates, these valuables will be completely gone. This also adds a specific gambling component to the game. It is recommended that players prepare to lose their equipment, even if you Purchased insurance. If something unexpected happens and your most needed items are lost, you can also buy Escape from Tarkov Items through some channels.

In general, high degree of freedom, high-quality gun modeling, more realistic backpack system and equipment collection gameplay are the core elements that distinguish Escape from Tarkov from other mainstream games, plus its proven system optimization ability, The unusual gameplay and clean and pure simulation battlefield environment make the game more and more popular.